Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Christmas in Chile for Elder Magnusson

it was good to talk to the family yesterday. sorry the internet wasn’t very good but it is what we had to deal with. its weird to think that the next time i hear your voices i’m going to be in the states. crazy stuff.  and it was crazy to hear about mom and dads mission call. after i was thinking about it and i know that it was a call from God.
Elder Magnusson's parents were called to the El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission to begin on July 3rd 2017. 

so this week wasn’t that big. christmas here in chile isn’t really that big. its kinda sad.  i honestly didn’t feel like christmas was on the way until we went caroling as a branch on the 24th.  we went to a bunch of less actives and recent converts. that was pretty special. almost everyone that we went to started crying. it just went to show me that people really do need/want love on christmas.
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the branch was really good about making us feel good. most of the members gave us small gifts and we had 3 christmas meals. christmas dinner is just a BBQ here. we ate a lot of meat this weekend. all in all it was a good christmas weekend. i cant complain one bit.

we got changes this weekend and i’m going to stay here in centinela with my comp. we are both pretty excited about the change. we work well together and we looking to have a change with a lot of success. one thing that we have to do is help the zone a lot. these last 3 weeks have been really rough for us but we are hoping that the new bunch of missionaries that we are getting this change are really going to help us.

tomorrow everyone moves. it is going to be a long morning for us and i’m not looking forward to it. this morning we were doing all of the travel plans for the people that are leaving the zone and i can already tell it is going to be a crazy day tomorrow. we will see how it goes.

next week ill give you more info on the investigators and stuff. its been a crazy day and time is short.

love you all. thanks for what you are all doing for me. hope you all have a good week.

elder mag

Monday, December 19, 2016

"If you are looking for happiness, real happiness, just talk to the missionaries. They can help you."

it was a pretty solid week and this is why....

so our investigator got baptized on saturday.... it was a pretty stressful baptism and it had to do with the clothes. it always has to do with the clothes...... what happened is he is a small kid and so we couldn’t find pants to fit him so we had an hermana in the branch make the pants. we called her friday night and she told us that the pants would be ready in the morning and she would stop by before the baptism to drop them off. well 20 min before the baptism she called us telling us that the pants weren’t done and that she didn’t have any elastic. she asked us if we could go to the store to buy elastic for her... AHHHHHHHH  WHY??? so we literally ran to a bunch of small mini markets asking if they had elastic and luckily we found one. we ran back to the church sweating our tails off 5 min after the baptism was supposed to start and luckily the hermana finished the pants as she was walking to the church. we put the elastic in and we were good to go. i love baptisms but still everything seems to go wrong the day of a baptism. but the good thing was the dad in the end decided to baptize his kid and it was really cool to see them both standing the the font together. it was a really special moment for both of them and for us.
another cool thing that happened this week was we contacted a man who has had a difficult past. we were doing some street contacts and we started talking to this guy who told us he wants to change his life. we started talking to him about the Atonement. it was a super solid contact. he told us his life story and it was super sad. he then started talking his troubles. i was fascinated in what he was telling us. it is such a crazy world. we ended up talking to him for about an hour and a half. we gave him our number and he said he was going to call us but he never did so we will see what happens this week.

i’m excited to talk to you guys this week. it is going to be pretty sweet. i think this has been the most excited i have been to talk to you guys in the mission. we have a lot to talk about.

love you all.... the gospel is true. if you are looking for happiness, real happiness, just talk to the missionaries. they can help you.

elder mag

Monday, December 12, 2016

A lesson learned about service....

i don’t think i had a normal day in my sector this whole week. We did a lot of traveling, exchanges, trainings etc. but it was a solid week.

one of the coolest thing was we went to rancagua to have the Christmas conference in the mission home. basically what we did was we practiced all morning for a Christmas concert that we were going to sing in the afternoon. we practiced for forever. like 3 hours. i was starving and i don’t really like to sing when i am hungry. but whatever. then we had lunch and a great lesson from pres. harris..... it was way good. he talked about all the things that Jesus Christ did for us in his life. it was some deep doctrine stuff and it was sooo good. pres. harris knows sooooo much doctrine its not even funny. then we all went to the mission office/chapel to perform this christmas concert. we performed in front of 7 women that are in a rehab center. all of them you can tell have had hard lives. when they all walked in i thought to myself that it is kind of sad that we were only going to perform in front of 7 people, but i repented. by the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. the spirit was so strong. pres. harris once again gave a sweet testimony about the Atonement and there wasn’t a dry eye. we all felt the spirit so strong. as he was talking i thought Jesus would perform in front of 7 people because he loves them. it doesn’t matter how many people we help. it just matters how we do it. at the end the owner of the rehab center invited the assistants and president to teach everyone in the rehab center. there is about 35 people. i guess they already went and had a lot of success. it was a special moment for all of us.
another cool thing is that our investigator  is going to get baptized this saturday. he is progressing so well and he is super excited for his baptism. he asked me to preform the baptism, but we are trying to get his dad to do it. hopefully things will work out for the dad so it can be a special moment for both of them. anyway we will see what happens with that.

yesterday i had to give a talk about the commandments and about God’s blessings. i feel like it was a solid talk. and it is because i found out about it 3 day before sunday. it is the first talk that i have given where i have had time to prepare. literally every other talk i have given, i found out about it 5 min before sacrament meeting.

today we did a huge bbq for the zone. we bought 70 bucks worth of meat. holy cow it was a mess. the bbq wouldn’t start at it took us 3 hours to get the problem fix. let me tell you it wasn’t fun. but in the end it all worked out.

Things are going well. i’m really enjoying the mission right now. i’m honestly a little sad that things are going to be ending soon. but i just have to take advantage of the time that i have left.

love you all

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Monday, December 5, 2016

"Every week in the mission it keeps getting better and better"

Where's Waldo?  I mean, Where's Elder Magnusson?

every week in the mission it keeps getting better and better.

a lot of good things happened this week and we are going to start with some families that we found.

so we were contacting 2 weeks ago and we talked to a really nice mom with 4 little kids. it was just a normal contact and at the end she asked just in passing if we liked to play basketball. she said that she was planning on saving up money to buy a basketball for her kids for christmas. she didn’t really want anything so we ended the contact and as we were walking away we were thinking and we had an old ball in the house that no one was using. we stopped by the next day and gave it to her. she was really grateful for it. she then asked if we wanted to stop by this week. so we stopped by on friday and taught her and her family. they are super good. we had a lesson set up with them yesterday but they weren’t home so we are going to see what happens with them this week.

we found another family as we were contacting some apartment buildings that are super run down. we saw some lady outside of her house. my comp told me that he wanted to talk to her. in my mind i was thinking no way. you could tell that drugs had played a huge part in her life. she had a ton of tattoos all over her body and she just looked different. anyway we started talking to her and she was super good. she let us in and we listened to her life story basically she went off the wall and hit rock bottom. her 4 year old kid has cancer, her boy friend has cancer. her twin 8 month old daughters were born 2.5 months early and almost died. we had a really good lesson with them. we are going to go back soon to see what we can teach them. we  are excited.

yesterday we taught the family from haiti. it was an ok lesson. not everyone spoke spanish and i’m not sure how much they really understand. we will see what happens tomorrow with them.

on thrusday we had to go up to rancagua for a meeting. it is where all of the zone leaders and hermana leaders have the monthly meeting with president. he talked a lot about the good things we are doing but we still lack a lot. and he is concerned because 1/4 of the mission has 4 months or less in the mission. he talked about how he thinks bad rabbits are getting rubbed off them. we have a lot to do.

the funniest story of the trip up to rancagua is on the mission web page it said it was going to be in the mission home so we got there 15 min early and no one was there. we called president and he said it got changed to the mission office. the assistants never called us. so we had to fly over to the mission office which is literally on the other side of rancagua. its a good thing that i was in rancagua for 8 months because i know the public transportation like the back of my hand. we weren’t super late considering the situation.

we have to go to rancagua this week again as a zone cause we have the christmas conference. i’m excited for that.

thanks for your love and support. The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. have a good week.

elder mag

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Thanks for the love and support"

wow it was weird to read all of the happenings of the week. i’m glad that all worked out with kristine’s wedding and everything.
Elder Magnusson's sister, Kristine, and new brother-in-law, Bryce
They were married on Nov. 23

So this week was a pretty good week. it started out great. i thought at the beginning of the week it was going to be one of the best weeks of my mission but then it kinda fizzled out. in the beginning we found  4 new investigators and on wednesday we gave 3 of them baptismal dates. it was sweet and then towards the end lessons started to fall and we only had 4 investigators came to church.... (we were expecting 9) but it was all good. the cool thing to me was thrusday was a harder day. all of our lessons fell and we ended up contacting for most of the day. at about 8 o’clock we were both super tired and really hungry so we went and bought some meat off of a lady that was selling bbq in the street. it was really good meat and i asked her what type of meat it was. she told me it was turkey meat. now you have to understand that turkey isn’t common here. like i think in 18 months i have eaten turkey 3 times and i have NEVER seen it being sold in the street. it was a tender mercy for me because after a hard day i was blessed to have turkey on thanksgiving. it made me think about how much God really does love me.

we have quite a few people progressing but they each have their challenges. i just want to talk about 3 that are really cool. our first one is a 9 year old kid that is doing great. he is part of a part member family and they want to come back to attending church. well at least the member dad and brother. the nonmember mom doesn’t really want much with us but she is willing to listen. so they are progressing really well. they came with us to play soccer at the church this week and then they stayed for all 3 hours of church.

Our other one is an old investigator that we found because we went to teach a lesson to someone but the lesson fell through. we were with a member and we asked him if he knew anyone that was meeting with the missionaries and he brought us to his house. we went in and got to know him a little and one of the first things that he told us is that he wants to get baptized. he said that now is his time. the only problem is he smokes a lot but we can fix that. we are excited for him.

the next  is the kid from haiti. he is doing pretty good. so we figured out he super good but the only problem with him is that he doesn’t believe in the priesthood. so we are going to have to study so that we know how to help him progress. but he too went  too soccer with us on saturday and he also went to church on sunday. he is so good. he told us a little bit of his life story and it is a sad one. he has had a lot of sad things happen to him.

on saturday we had an open house of the church building in san vicente. it is a sector in the zone. the mission hosts it and we as ZLs were in charge of half of it. it was pretty crazy. basically the whole zone got together with all of the members of san vicente, the hermanas and the members took all of the people on a tour of the building while the elders contacted people in the streets inviting them to come. i felt like i was in the movie the best two years cause that is how we were contacting. literally anyone that past us we talked to them. they were some pretty funny contacts. we had some success and we are going to be doing the same thing this week in our chapel of centinela.

The zone is doing good things are moving along. we are trying to help the missionaries learn that they have to progress the investigators.  for example we think that they are scared to teach them the law of chastity and word of wisdom. but over all we are doing better.

thanks for the love and support. the church is true.

elder mag
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Monday, November 21, 2016

"I know that This Church is true and that Jesus Christ is at the head of it."

it was a crazy/weird week. i don’t think that we had a full day in our sector this week.

so changes was the most stressful day of my life. literally the whole mission that was traveling had to pass through san fernando. we probably had to receive and send off 100 missionaries. it was nuts... i think the craziest part was when i told some missionary to go buy his bus ticket like 3 times. and when i saw the bus taking off he still wasn’t on it. another zone leader and i literally had to sprint down town san fernando with the missionary behind us to chase down the bus. it finally stopped at a stop light and we had to beg the bus driver to let him on. it looked liked he wanted to kill me. all in a days work. we also magically found a bag that was left on a bus. the bus went to santiago. we had to talk to 50,000 people to track it down and after a few hours of waiting and with God’s help we finally found it. i honestly don’t know how, but we did. 

on wendsday we had a training with all of the zone leaders in Rancagua. we talked about a lot of random things that president wants us to improve on. it was good. then on saturday we had interviews with president and while everyone was getting their interviews done we had to teach the same thing. it went really good. the zone seems really solid. i’m excited for what is going to happen this change. we have some solid times ahead of us. 

so my comp is pretty cool. he is super calm and quiet but he likes to do the things the right way. it should be a good change for us. i’m glad that i am with a companion from the states. i’ve had a lot of latino comps and i’m grateful for each one of them but i’m glad that i’m going to have christmas with a gringo. 

so we are working with a less active family. they have a 9 year old son who was never baptized and the dad wants us to teach his son. the family is setting goals to come back they are progressing really well. 

so a cool thing that happened this week was yesterday we were walking in the streets and i felt super strongly that i had to talk to a super old grandma lady. i normally don’t talk to old grandma ladies cause they are usually super catholic and they are hard of hearing so its hard to talk to them. so i pushed it out of my mind. as we got closer to me i felt my legs walking towards her. so we started talking to her and she made it pretty obvious that she didn’t want to talk to us. after talking awkwardly with her for 2 mins she got up to leave. as she was walking away i was asking myself why i talked to her. as i was thinking i felt a tap on my shoulder and as i turned around a guy from haiti is standing in front of me. he told us that he moved to san fernando from santiago a week ago and was listening to the missionaries in santiago. we went to his house and talked to him for about 20 min. he told us that he looked out his window and saw us talking to the old lady and he ran out of his house to catch up to us. he had the number of the missionaries in santiago so i called them at night and they gave us his story. he seems like a solid investigator. we will see what happens with him this week. all i know is that God moves in mysterious ways. 

i know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ is at the head of it. i’m sad that i’m not going to be home for Kristine’s wedding or thanksgiving but i know that i’m in the right place doing the right thing. love you all.

elder mag

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Monday, November 14, 2016

"The Book of Mormon has changed my life so I know it can change yours."

Elder Magnusson sends no commentary with his photos, 
but his face says it all about the bike with no tire, only the rim.  

Happy late B-day dad. i cant believe that i forgot to wish you a happy birthday. thanks for your love and support. 
first off our investigators  got baptized  (A 16 and 11 year old brother and sister).  we spent the week finishing up the last lessons and getting them ready for their interview. the day of their baptism came and it was a super special moment for everyone. they invited their whole family and i know that everyone felt the spirit. plus the branch helped us out a lot and we had a great turnout of about 40 people. i had the chance to baptize the brother which was special for me. when we were changing he was really quiet. i asked him how he felt and he told me that he felt something that he had never felt before. he told me that he felt super super clean. i think it was the strongest impression of the spirit he has had. 

so right now we are going to have to find a lot more people to teach. every time there is a baptism this always happens. but we have been blessed. yesterday we went by a less active’s house because he went to church for the first time in a while and as we were talking to him he told us that he has had the impression that he needs to baptize his 9 year old son. he set goals with him and he told us that he is willing to sacrifice and repent in order to baptize his son on the 17 of december. we couldn’t be happier. 

so the zone is doing ok. we are doing really good as far as the work goes. we have a ton of people that are progressing and we have seen the hand of the Lord this change. 

so we got transfers and i’m going to be staying in my sector but my comp in going to go up to rancagua. i’m going to be training a new zone leader named elder hinton from saint george utah. i have heard good things about elder hinton so we will see what happens. its been an excellent change with my comp and i’m really going to miss him. 

i know that this gospel is true and that we are God’s children. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that any person who reads it can know that it is true by praying to God and asking him. It has changed my life so i know that it can change yours. 

elder mag
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Monday, November 7, 2016


thanks for your letters and love this week. its good to hear that everyone is doing good.

so this week was a good solid week. but first everyone is asking about the earthquake so ill start with that.

so we were walking in the street in the morning and all of a sudden we saw a bunch of people running out of the houses. we asked what was going on and some guy told us that their was just a huge earthquake. we didn't feel anything though. he was surprised when we told him that. anyway nothing happened to the houses so it wasn't really that big of a deal. but everyone was talking about it during the day. it was kinda funny to talk to the people about it. i'm about an hour from where the epicenter was (my old sector is about 5 min from the epicenter.... kinda crazy )and it was a 6.4 earthquake so i still don't know how i didn't feel it but whatever. my phone was turned off and when i checked it about about 3 hours later i had a missed call from the mission pres. wife. i called her back and she told us that we had to call all the missionaries in the zone to see if everyone was ok. when we started calling, all of the elders where laughing because  most of them didn't feel it either cause they were all walking in the streets. so thats the story with the earthquake.... sorry its not to exciting.

this week was a super good week for us. but it also had its sad moments.  so we are going to have 2 baptisms this weekend. a 16 year old and his 11 year old sister are preparing for saturday. we finished all of the lessons on saturday and they are just lacking their interview. i have seen a huge change in them since i have gotten here to the sector especially the brother. he is a 16 year old kid who was addicted to drugs. my first day in the sector the dude was higher than a kite on weed. he is now going on 3 weeks without smoking. his sister is 11 years old and is an angel. yesterday she paid her tithing and fast offerings. we are pretty excited. i hope all goes well this week with them. pray for them please because  i know that satan is going to work overtime on them..... he always does.

we were also planning on another baptism of our investigator was also going to get baptized on saturday but on thrusday when we taught her tithing we where finishing up the lesson and we asked her how she was doing with the word of wisdom. she told us that she drank tea that morning and it was the first time in a month. she felt really bad. we have a rule in the mission that the people have to live the word of wisdom  for 2 weeks before their baptism. we told her that we had to push the date back one week. she felt really bad. and since then we haven't been able to find her. i think that she got kinda offended but there isn't anything else that we could have done. i don't know. i hope that we can find her this week.

so the house that i live in is the nicest house in the mission for the elders. it is huge and we are 6 elders in the house.  everyone in the house is pretty close and it has been a super fun change with everyone. this week we have changes and everyone is pretty sad that we are going to get split apart.

the zone is doing as good as ever. we should be having 8 baptisms this week so after we are really going to have to focus on finding because we wont have very many solid investigators. its one thing that my comp and i are really going to focus on wed when we give our training.

thanks for everything. i know this gospel is true and that i am really doing the Lord's work. i'm loving my time in chile and i couldn't be happier. i love you all.

elder mag

Monday, October 31, 2016

"I know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior."

time is flying!!!! i just realized that in 2 weeks from now i’m going to have 4 changes left... that means 6 months. it’s crazy.

so sad news this week. our investigator  told us that he doesn’t want to get baptized. we went to his house on thrusday to make sure we were all good for his baptism and he basically said he didn’t want to keep the commandments.  whatever. we have done our part now he has do his. but it is so sad to see this happen. we are still going to work with him.

on a happy note we should have 3 baptism in 2 weeks. we have 3 investigators that are really progressing. 2 of them are siblings and the other is a 20 year old girl. we just have to teach them tithing and they are good to go. we have seen a huge change in them and they seem to be soaking it all in.

we had a huge capacitation with all of the zone leaders in the mission this week in rancagua. we set up the new goals, numbers, and plans for the mission. the best part seeing old friends and comps. plus it was nice to take a nap in the bus. i honestly haven’t taking a nap in 4 months.

this week should be pretty good for us. we are contacting a lot more and it is paying off. this week we are hoping to meet with a ton of new people. we are way excited. honestly the best part of the mission is finding and teaching someone new. we will see what happens but we have high hopes.

thanks everyone for your love and support. i know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior. i know that this church is the Chruch of Jesus Christ and that He is at the head of it. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is changing my life and i know that it can change yours. i love you all.

elder mag

Monday, October 24, 2016

"I’m loving the mission and what I'm learning."

each week is so different but yet so good

so the big news this week was we had a huge mission meeting and president is making some huge changes. the mission is changing completely. there are some big changes but my favorite is a smaller change. president figured out that we as a mission aren’t doing too many street contacts. so everyday we have to contact 2 people in the street and talk about/give them a *book of mormon. it is something that i would sometimes do but now we have to do it and we have seen so many miracles come from it. we are now having some of the best contacts in my mission. i was thinking about it and when i got set apart i was blessed that i would see a lot of fruits and have a lot of happiness from talking to everyone at the end of my mission. i was thinking about that about 2 weeks ago. i was praying to know what i could do to see that happen and this was an answer to my prayer. lets see if some of these contacts turn into investigators. like i said it is something so small but it is going to change the mission.

we had a much better week with our investigators. this week we should see a baptism. he has been investigating for about a year now. we haven’t had to do to much but it will still be sweet to see him get baptized. also we are working with a family. the dad wants nothing to do with us and he doesn’t want to get married to his angel of a girlfriend..... so she can’t get baptized right now but the son and daughter are really progressing. the son was all into drugs, wine, and beer has gone a week without anything and is doing great. they went to church yesterday and loved it. also we are working with another family of 8. only 4 have interest but i know that the others will come along. they are wanting to get baptized in a month. i will keep you guys updated as time moves along.

this week i went on a interchange with a new elder from vegas. he has 3 weeks in the mission and he is honestly one of the funnest guys that i know. i have never laughed so hard in my life. one of my favorite part of the mission is all the people that i have met. it has honestly been the biggest blessing for me to get to know so many people and backgrounds.

i’m loving the mission and what ‘im learning.  the mission is great and it just keeps getting better. i wouldn’t trade it for the world. the church is true.

elder magnusson

*Elder Magnusson will be talking to a lot of people 
about the Book of Mormon in the upcoming weeks.  
You can also see the video by clicking here.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

"The best part of the mission is the last 6 months."

Happy birthday mom!!! sorry i forgot to throw that in with the sisters last week.... i didn’t realize it was your birthday this week until i was sitting in a baptismal service and i looked at my watch and i saw it was the 15th. sorry. hahaha
this week everything seemed to happen.... at once

first off our investigators were doing really good this past weekend then this week everything started to slow down. it’s so sad when that happens. the saddest was we found out a women that was going to get baptized on the 29 looks like it’s not going to happen this month... my heart dropped because she was doing soooo well. so we have to start all over again with her. another family was going to get baptized in a month but we weren’t able to visit with them this week cause of their work and everything. another family was sick this whole week. its was a harder week as far as the investigators are concerned. its crazy how hard satan works on the family. but honestly it is a testimony that the church is true. satan really doesn’t want the people to progress.

plus none went to church this week cause on sunday we got dumped with rain. and i mean dumped!!!! and here in chile when it rains no one leaves the house. its crazy but it is just how things work down here. so we are going to make sure everyone goes next week. but i left all of my rain gear in LontuĂ© because i didn’t think we were going to get anymore rain. but i sure regret it. i got soaked with my comp. let me tell you when you get your underclothes wet you suffer... but it was honestly pretty funny. it makes for a good story.

this week as zone leader was pretty crazy. we had a lot of communication with the president this week because some missionaries had needs. i am learning that to be a good elder you have to have patience and love. my comp is a great example for me of these things he  is really good because he is known as one of the best elders in the mission. he seems to have it all. i have so much to learn from him.

i am loving the mission. everyone says that the best part of the mission is the last 6 months. i’m starting to see that come true. there is so much to learn and to do.  if it wasn’t for the family i wouldn’t want to come home. thanks for your love and support.

elder mag

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Monday, October 10, 2016

"I can feel your love and prayers."

Elder Magnusson is on the second row from the top, ninth from the left.  
 Elder Magnusson is third from the right on the back row.  

first and foremost shout out to renee and rachel!!! happy late birthday. i was totally going to write it last week but i forgot and when we were walking out of the computer place i remembered. my bad.

Elder Magnusson's birthday sisters

thank you all for the love and support! i’ve said it once and ill say it again. the hour that i have on the computer reading your letters is the best hour of the week.

so this week was the longest but shortest week of my life. so im in centinela. it is in the zone of san fernando. it is right smack in the middle of the mission. the sector is super good. it is really gehtto but everyone loves us so i don’t think anything is going to happen. we have 9 people preparing for baptism and they are all really strong. yesterday we had a family of 4 come to church and another guy came too. let’s just say that the sector is popping. this whole week we didn’t have to contact because we had too much stuff to do. i have never had that in the mission. this week we are going to have to make time to contact because everyone is going to get baptized and then we aren’t going to have anything to do.

the zone is really good too. it is a super young zone. out of the 22 people that are here 6 companionships are training or are just just coming out of their training and everyone is younger than me except for one other elder. it is nice because there is a ton of energy here in the zone. we just have to help them direct that energy to the work of the Lord.

My comp is super good. he is known as one of the best elders in the mission. his name is elder villavicencio. he is from equador and he has one change less than me. i love the kid. he teaches and works so well. i have so much to learn from him.

so this week all of the zone leaders had to go up to rancagua to visit with the president. we had a huge meeting with him about the faith of the mission  and how we need to do better. it was super good but we have so much to improve on as a mission. know on wednesday we have to give the same training to the zone. we are excited to do it. and we have the ability to change as a zone because we are young.

i can tell that i’m going to be learning a lot with the new things that we have to do but it is honestly really humbling. when all of the zone leaders were together i was thinking to myself that all of them were way better missionaries than me. i know that i just have to work hard and the Lord will do the rest.

thanks everyone for the love and support. i can feel your love and your prayers.

Monday, October 3, 2016

"I know that God loves us."

holy cow!! this was the craziest week of my life and we only worked in the sector for 2 days...

so conference weekend is the best weekend in the mission. its even better than christmas and i’m being serious. this conference was really good too. i really liked the sunday morning session. it was hands down the best. i loved pres. uchtdor’s  talk about god is our Heavenly Father. i’m going to use this talk so much in the mission with the investigators. its was even better because the north americans in our zone are so sweet. so the english room was so much fun. the priesthood session ended at 11 o'clock here so there wasn’t buses that past by so we had to stay in the ZLs house for the night. a bunch of other sectors had to do the same. we were 9 people in the house so lets just say that it was a funny night. i’m going to miss this zone. but i’m serious  the conference was so good. i missed the scones from home. in one year though…

the other big news is that we changed houses. we spent all of wed packing up the house and then thursday the senior couple came with their van to move it all. it was a big ordeal. put it was fun. the house is super nice. it is brand new.

But i’m only going to have a few days in the house because this week we got the changes and i’m leaving. i’m going to a zone called San Fernando and the sector is called Centinela. and i’m not going to be enjoying the life as a district leader.... i’m going to be stressing the Zone Leader life. i’m kinda nervous. we are 22 people in the zone... it’s a big one. i’m going to be with an elder named elder Villavicencio from ecuador. he is a super cool kid. i met him a year ago and i liked him so we will see what happens. the only thing that i know about Centinela is that it is the most famous dog sector in the mission. like apparently there are a ton of dogs. and it is kinda ghetto. i’m excited. i'll keep you posted.
i love you all. i know that God loves us and that the church is true. have a good week ya’ll.


elder mag

Elder Magnusson's favorite talk from General Conference:
You can also see the video by clicking here

Monday, September 26, 2016

"General Conference is way better than Christmas"

thanks for all of the letters. it is good to hear from everyone. it is honestly the best hour of the week.

so this week wasn’t the most productive week of the mission but it wasn’t terrible either.

the big news is that we were going to change houses this week to our sector. i don’t know if you guys remember but we have to take a 30 min bus ride to and from our sector every day. the senior couple that is in charge of the houses told us to not plan any lessons for wed or thrusday. on tuesday at 9:45 at night we got a call from them telling us that the house isn’t ready so we have to wait a week. it was a blessing because we ended up talking to people the whole day. and we got into 2 houses. they were both old grandma ladies. we will see if we can find them again this week.

we found a less active guy that is super cool. he served a mission about 25 years ago and then went inactive right after. about 8 months ago he was in a bus and the bus driver fell asleep and crashed. a lot of people died. i remember hearing about it. it was national news. anyway he survived. but he was in a coma for 10 day and lost the movement on the right side of his body. but now he is walking and everything. anyway we found him last week and we taught him this week. and yesterday he went to church and loved it. he said that he wants to change his life and everything. we are going to work with him but we are really happy. so pray for him.

this week we aren’t going to get much done either because we are going to change houses for 2 days and then we have general conference this weekend. IM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. i’m serious, conference is way better than christmas. and we have some super cool missionaries in the zone so we are going to have a good time.

thanks for the letters and love. you guys are sweet!!

the chruch is true.

elder mag
These two videos talk about what General Conference is about.  
Elder Magnusson is excited to listen to General Conference next weekend.  
You can also see the video by clicking here.
You can also see the video by clicking here 

Monday, September 19, 2016

"I know that God loves his children."

this week was super slow but it was still good for a few reasons.

so this week elder packer from the 70 came and spoke to our mission. he spoke to half the mission on wednesday  and half the mission on thursday. we went on thursday. it was super good. he talked about how we could better invite the spirit in the lessons and how we can better teach repentance. i learned a lot from him. but the best part of the whole thing is that a lot of old comps and friends were there. i had a super good time talking with everyone. i wish that we could do more big things like this in the mission so we could see more people more often.

so this week was way slow in lontue because we don’t have anyone. we spent a few days contacting without much luck. We did find one lady that listened to the elders about 10 years ago and she is super good but the thing is she is going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks so we are going to have to wait.

these last 4 days have been nuts. it has been the weekend of independence day. and the 18th of september is the biggest day of the year here in chile. it makes working as a missionary terrible. we received the orders from the mission pres that we had to be in the sector but we couldn’t proselyte. so basically we had to spend time with the members.

the branch didn’t have an activity so high counselor that is assigned to the branch invited us to his ward’s activity today. it was wayyyyy fun but i ate way to much meat....... i feel so gross. but it will go away in a few hours. 

sorry there isn’t much to write about. the work is going ok. the sector is the same old same old. thanks for your love and support. the church is true. Jesus is our Savior and I know that God loves his children. 

elder mag
I found these pictures on the mission website.
They are from a zone conference that was held this summer.

Monday, September 12, 2016

"The Church is true and the mission is great."

 Check out the sliver moon

this was a big roller coster of a week.

so the whole week we were preparing our investigators for their baptism because we did the pre-baptismal  interview again just to be sure that they were good and they told us that they didn’t believe that pres. Monson is a profeta of God.......AHHHHHH WHATTTT. yeah well so you better believe that we started fasting asap and all worked out in the end cause they gained a testimony. fasting works.... my testimony of it has grown soooo much.

so saturday was the baptism. we had to chill out in the church the whole day because it takes 7 hours to fill up the font.  the service was really nice. really simple but you could feel the Spirit. i almost got baptized too cause victor is big and i almost couldn’t get him out of the water. i had to take a few steps to gain my balance... we laughed about it afterward cause it was obvious that i was struggling.

we now have 0 progressing investigators. i’m kinda getting frustrated but i just have to think that this is the Lord’s work and we just have to do our part and accept his timing. but its hard sometimes.

working in a trio is super fun. i wish that we could always work in a  trio.

so this week we are going to have a special conference from elder packer from the 70. it should be really good. we are pretty excited. we will see what happens.

and just fyi i might not be able to write in a week because it is going to be the day after independence day here and its going to be nuts. but i will be able to write on tuesday i’m sure.

thanks for the love and support. The Church is true and the mission is great. if someone wants to grow and develop as a person they just have to go on a mission.

elder mag