Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, September 28, 2015

General Conference: A chance to listen to inspired men.

first off.... shoutout to my sis., renee. Happy birthday yo! hope it is a good one.
this week not much happened. sorry this is going to be pretty short.

We have our golden investigator. she is doing supppppper good. she called us late saturday night and told us that she had some news to tell us at church the next day. when we asked us to tell us on the phone, she hung up. we were a little worried but turns out she got her answer. she knows the church is true and wants to get baptized in two weeks. before she was only investigating the church because it made logical sense to her but now she said that she got an answer that she can't deny. we are planning the baptism for the 11 of oct. i couldn't be more happy!!

We have our other investigators. they were doing really good until they didn't come to church yesterday. this means that if they do get baptized, we are going to have to push their date back. it is so hard when people don't follow their commitments. but whatever. every missionary has to deal with it.

i went on splits with an elder that has less time than me and a little less spanish. it was hard but it is amazing on how when things are dependent on you, you just step up and do it. we taught two lessons and almost put a baptismal date on a family. they said that they need to pray about it but i don't know how interested they really are. i must say, during the two lessons we didn't use the best spanish but they got the message because the spirit was able to take over.

other than that we just spent a lot of time contacting. we really don’t have many other people than the people that i listed above and we are trying to fix that. the problem is we are going through a trial of finding right now. i hope things turn around soon.

there isn’t really that much to report. not much happened this week.

one thing that i would like to comment on is time. time is a weird thing. there is either to much or too little in a day. time management is so critical on the mission. it is a skill that i want to develop but it that is easier said than done. i regret all the time that i wasted before the mission on the computer and social media. don’t wast time on technology. there are soooooo many other things that you can do. it is something that i am learning right now.
You can also view the video by clicking here.  

i know that this church is true. i know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and there isn’t anything that we have felt that he hasn’t felt as well. we just need to humble ourselves to him. i am excited for general conference and for the chance to listen to these inspired men. they really are called of God. i love you all and thank you for your prayers. i am doing good. 

Blessings of Conference video:
You can also see the blessing of Conference video by clicking here.

You can also watch the video about the Conference Center by clicking here.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Please pass the empanadas.

first of all the earthquake....... to tell you the truth i didn’t feel anything.... kinda dumb i know, but what ever. when it hit we were on our bikes so i think this is the reason why i didn’t feel it. everyone else in  our city felt it though. but there is no damage down here. i think as a whole, the mission is pretty good. the most northern parts had some damage but nothing terrible. nothing more to report really.

IM STAYING IN SAN JAVIER!!! i honestly couldn’t be more happy. when i found out i was going nuts. our 4 solid investigators are doing pretty good. one is super solid. she is soooo prepared. we gave her the book of mormon a week and a half ago and she is already in 2nd nephi. she changed her work schedule to not work on sunday and she is super interested. i couldn’t be more happy. the other family is doing ok. i think the dad is starting to lose interest but is totally supportive of the mom and son investigating and they are doing great. their progress is pretty good. we will see how they turn out.

this week was supppppper slow. it was the week of the 18th and this is their independence day. to them it is the equivalent as christmas. every time we would contact someone they would come to the door and before we could open our mouths they would say, oh sorry we have family over and i have no time. , to which we would respond, oh sweet. our message is perfect for families! since your family is all there we would love to share it with you.... they would then slam the door in our faces. we didn’t get into a single house this week and this is the first time in my mission that that has happened.

the branch activity was pretty sweet. it lasted all day from 9 in the morning till 8 at night. we got permission to stay the whole time which was awesome. some member gave us cowboy outfits which were pretty sweet. all in all the day was pretty sweet and full of a ton of food.

the next day we went to 4 different members houses to eat empanadas. i have never eaten so much.  each member would give us 3 or 4 huge ones. they were super good but at the last sisters house i couldn’t finish all 3. i think that she was a little offended cause she spent all day making them. at least i had more that my comp. he could only eat 1 while i ate 2.

drunks, girls,  and dogs continue to be a problem. that is all that i have to say on the matter.

pretty solid week with our investigators. i’m happy with their progress. i hope that they keep on pushing through. i am happy to be here on the mission. the mission is sweet. i know that this gospel is true. thank you for your prayers.

A little side note from Elder Magnusson to his mom:  i have so many pics but i cant figure out how to upload them. elder edwards cant do it either. dont worry i am taking pics. i will figure out something soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


You can read about the earthquake that hit Illapel, Chile on September 16th by clicking onto our family blog found here.  We look forward to hearing from Elder Magnusson on Monday and if he felt the earthquake.  His mission president wrote and said that all the missionaries are safe and accounted for.
I got the above picture from this Deseret News site.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

"I know there is power in the Book of Mormon."

this week was as interesting as usual.

big news of the week is we found a solid family!!! all of them have a baptism dates for the 17th of oct. they were a reference of someone in the branch and they are golden. when we taught them about the restoration, the spirit was there. the only other time that i have felt it so strong was when i got my  patriarchal blessing. when i was bearing my testimony i started to tear up with the dad and the son and the mom started crying. it was amazing. i am so happy for them. we have a lesson with them tonight so i hope that things go just as well.

 our other golden investigator is still doing really well. as in we taught her the word of wisdom and she was all over it. she loves the fact that God would give us this law to help us. tonight we have a lesson with her about the plan of salvation so i hope that that goes well. there isnt a doubt in my mind that she will get baptized on oct 10th.

we get transfer calls this week and i am hoping with all my might that i stay to see these people progress. if not i know the Lord has another plan for me.

this week besides these people not much happened. just a lot of contacting. we did find a women who has a masters in english literature and has better english than me so we were able to teach her in english. it was soooooooo easy. i could say what ever i want. also the spirit was there in that lesson as well. when we asked her to pray about Joseph Smith she said that she wouldn’t cause she knows that she would get a good answer and she doesn’t want to make changes in her life yet. AHHHHHH!!!! but she says that anytime she is home we could come back and teach her so hopefully she turns out.

this morning for p-day our zone woke up at 5 in the morning and rented a bus to go to the beach. it was pretty fun to go cause everyone is so funny when they are around each other but it was a little sad knowing that i couldnt get wet but whatever it was still the best p-day that i have had. it was just a long 2 hour bus ride in a bus that shouldn’t even be street legal cause of how old it is.

i havent been homesick at all in my mission until this week. with byu football starting, byu idaho starting up again, and dad’s release it was hard to focus in the first part of this week but i just needed to focus more in the people and everything else fell into place.

Elder Magnusson's nieces and nephew sent this text to their Grandpa Sunday morning:
"Thinking of GRANDpa today"

Elder Magnusson's sisters visiting from Utah 
(Janelle and Dave and kids <from Idaho> couldn't make it)

Elder Falabella and Elder Sabin came to release Pres. Magnusson

The New Arcadia Stake Presidency
Pres. Terrill, with counselors, Pres. Yen and Pres. Ogilvie

things are going well down here. there is a lot going on in our area and things are improving. i know that this gospel is true and that God is a God of miracles. i know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and i know that there is power in the Book of Mormon. i love being a missionary.

Monday, September 7, 2015

"I love this Gospel."

family and friends,

holy cow. what a week!

this week was a crazy but good one. elder edwards and i only worked together in our sector together for 2 days. there was a lot going on. we had zone conference, divisions, a meeting in the mission home that took 2 days and p-day. but it was a productive week.

the big news of the week is we have a suppppper solid investigator. she is a single mother who is looking for religion in her life. she has gone to a lot of other churches looking for the truth. two weeks ago she talked to one of her classmates about her situation. turns out her classmate was mormon and invited her to go to church with him. she took an hour long bus ride to go to his ward and she really liked it. she said that she felt the spirit really strong. the elders got her address and gave it to us. we taught her 2 lessons this week and she likes our messages. she came to church yesterday and we think that she likes our branch. everyone was super nice to her. there is a good chance that we could have a baptism in 3 weeks. problem is changes are in 2 weeks and there is a really high chance that i will get changed but whatever, the important thing is that she gets baptized.

the last 3 weeks we have done a lot of contacting. i have talked to some crazy people. i’m having experiences that i thought i would never have. that being said, the majority of the people here are super nice. they are always willing to talk to us. i know that once i learn spanish i am going to really enjoy contacting because of everyone that we get to talk to.

there was a conference in the mission home for all the new district leaders in the mission this weeks and because my comp is a new district leader he had to go. because we are the farthest sector from the mission home it is quite a day to get up there. we have to take a bus for 5 or 6 hours. but i like it cause it is the only time that we are allowed to take a nap. we went up a night before the conference and stayed with the assistants. there were about 12 other elders that stayed with them as well cause their house is huge. almost all of them spoke english so it was like a huge party that night. it was soooo much fun.

this whole week it has been pretty hot. like 80s and 90s hot and then today it rained out of nowhere. we played soccer today in some of the hardest rain i have ever seen. we played on turf so the drainage system isn’t very good so there was a good inch of water on the field. we were literally drenched after 5 mins. but it was fun. it was one of the best p-days.

things are going great down south with me. i am learning so much and i am learning new things everyday. i love this gospel. i know that it is true.