Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, November 28, 2016

"Thanks for the love and support"

wow it was weird to read all of the happenings of the week. i’m glad that all worked out with kristine’s wedding and everything.
Elder Magnusson's sister, Kristine, and new brother-in-law, Bryce
They were married on Nov. 23

So this week was a pretty good week. it started out great. i thought at the beginning of the week it was going to be one of the best weeks of my mission but then it kinda fizzled out. in the beginning we found  4 new investigators and on wednesday we gave 3 of them baptismal dates. it was sweet and then towards the end lessons started to fall and we only had 4 investigators came to church.... (we were expecting 9) but it was all good. the cool thing to me was thrusday was a harder day. all of our lessons fell and we ended up contacting for most of the day. at about 8 o’clock we were both super tired and really hungry so we went and bought some meat off of a lady that was selling bbq in the street. it was really good meat and i asked her what type of meat it was. she told me it was turkey meat. now you have to understand that turkey isn’t common here. like i think in 18 months i have eaten turkey 3 times and i have NEVER seen it being sold in the street. it was a tender mercy for me because after a hard day i was blessed to have turkey on thanksgiving. it made me think about how much God really does love me.

we have quite a few people progressing but they each have their challenges. i just want to talk about 3 that are really cool. our first one is a 9 year old kid that is doing great. he is part of a part member family and they want to come back to attending church. well at least the member dad and brother. the nonmember mom doesn’t really want much with us but she is willing to listen. so they are progressing really well. they came with us to play soccer at the church this week and then they stayed for all 3 hours of church.

Our other one is an old investigator that we found because we went to teach a lesson to someone but the lesson fell through. we were with a member and we asked him if he knew anyone that was meeting with the missionaries and he brought us to his house. we went in and got to know him a little and one of the first things that he told us is that he wants to get baptized. he said that now is his time. the only problem is he smokes a lot but we can fix that. we are excited for him.

the next  is the kid from haiti. he is doing pretty good. so we figured out he super good but the only problem with him is that he doesn’t believe in the priesthood. so we are going to have to study so that we know how to help him progress. but he too went  too soccer with us on saturday and he also went to church on sunday. he is so good. he told us a little bit of his life story and it is a sad one. he has had a lot of sad things happen to him.

on saturday we had an open house of the church building in san vicente. it is a sector in the zone. the mission hosts it and we as ZLs were in charge of half of it. it was pretty crazy. basically the whole zone got together with all of the members of san vicente, the hermanas and the members took all of the people on a tour of the building while the elders contacted people in the streets inviting them to come. i felt like i was in the movie the best two years cause that is how we were contacting. literally anyone that past us we talked to them. they were some pretty funny contacts. we had some success and we are going to be doing the same thing this week in our chapel of centinela.

The zone is doing good things are moving along. we are trying to help the missionaries learn that they have to progress the investigators.  for example we think that they are scared to teach them the law of chastity and word of wisdom. but over all we are doing better.

thanks for the love and support. the church is true.

elder mag
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