Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 12, 2016

A lesson learned about service....

i don’t think i had a normal day in my sector this whole week. We did a lot of traveling, exchanges, trainings etc. but it was a solid week.

one of the coolest thing was we went to rancagua to have the Christmas conference in the mission home. basically what we did was we practiced all morning for a Christmas concert that we were going to sing in the afternoon. we practiced for forever. like 3 hours. i was starving and i don’t really like to sing when i am hungry. but whatever. then we had lunch and a great lesson from pres. harris..... it was way good. he talked about all the things that Jesus Christ did for us in his life. it was some deep doctrine stuff and it was sooo good. pres. harris knows sooooo much doctrine its not even funny. then we all went to the mission office/chapel to perform this christmas concert. we performed in front of 7 women that are in a rehab center. all of them you can tell have had hard lives. when they all walked in i thought to myself that it is kind of sad that we were only going to perform in front of 7 people, but i repented. by the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. the spirit was so strong. pres. harris once again gave a sweet testimony about the Atonement and there wasn’t a dry eye. we all felt the spirit so strong. as he was talking i thought Jesus would perform in front of 7 people because he loves them. it doesn’t matter how many people we help. it just matters how we do it. at the end the owner of the rehab center invited the assistants and president to teach everyone in the rehab center. there is about 35 people. i guess they already went and had a lot of success. it was a special moment for all of us.
another cool thing is that our investigator  is going to get baptized this saturday. he is progressing so well and he is super excited for his baptism. he asked me to preform the baptism, but we are trying to get his dad to do it. hopefully things will work out for the dad so it can be a special moment for both of them. anyway we will see what happens with that.

yesterday i had to give a talk about the commandments and about God’s blessings. i feel like it was a solid talk. and it is because i found out about it 3 day before sunday. it is the first talk that i have given where i have had time to prepare. literally every other talk i have given, i found out about it 5 min before sacrament meeting.

today we did a huge bbq for the zone. we bought 70 bucks worth of meat. holy cow it was a mess. the bbq wouldn’t start at it took us 3 hours to get the problem fix. let me tell you it wasn’t fun. but in the end it all worked out.

Things are going well. i’m really enjoying the mission right now. i’m honestly a little sad that things are going to be ending soon. but i just have to take advantage of the time that i have left.

love you all

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