Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 17, 2016

"The best part of the mission is the last 6 months."

Happy birthday mom!!! sorry i forgot to throw that in with the sisters last week.... i didn’t realize it was your birthday this week until i was sitting in a baptismal service and i looked at my watch and i saw it was the 15th. sorry. hahaha
this week everything seemed to happen.... at once

first off our investigators were doing really good this past weekend then this week everything started to slow down. it’s so sad when that happens. the saddest was we found out a women that was going to get baptized on the 29 looks like it’s not going to happen this month... my heart dropped because she was doing soooo well. so we have to start all over again with her. another family was going to get baptized in a month but we weren’t able to visit with them this week cause of their work and everything. another family was sick this whole week. its was a harder week as far as the investigators are concerned. its crazy how hard satan works on the family. but honestly it is a testimony that the church is true. satan really doesn’t want the people to progress.

plus none went to church this week cause on sunday we got dumped with rain. and i mean dumped!!!! and here in chile when it rains no one leaves the house. its crazy but it is just how things work down here. so we are going to make sure everyone goes next week. but i left all of my rain gear in Lontué because i didn’t think we were going to get anymore rain. but i sure regret it. i got soaked with my comp. let me tell you when you get your underclothes wet you suffer... but it was honestly pretty funny. it makes for a good story.

this week as zone leader was pretty crazy. we had a lot of communication with the president this week because some missionaries had needs. i am learning that to be a good elder you have to have patience and love. my comp is a great example for me of these things he  is really good because he is known as one of the best elders in the mission. he seems to have it all. i have so much to learn from him.

i am loving the mission. everyone says that the best part of the mission is the last 6 months. i’m starting to see that come true. there is so much to learn and to do.  if it wasn’t for the family i wouldn’t want to come home. thanks for your love and support.

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