Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 31, 2016

"I know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior."

time is flying!!!! i just realized that in 2 weeks from now i’m going to have 4 changes left... that means 6 months. it’s crazy.

so sad news this week. our investigator  told us that he doesn’t want to get baptized. we went to his house on thrusday to make sure we were all good for his baptism and he basically said he didn’t want to keep the commandments.  whatever. we have done our part now he has do his. but it is so sad to see this happen. we are still going to work with him.

on a happy note we should have 3 baptism in 2 weeks. we have 3 investigators that are really progressing. 2 of them are siblings and the other is a 20 year old girl. we just have to teach them tithing and they are good to go. we have seen a huge change in them and they seem to be soaking it all in.

we had a huge capacitation with all of the zone leaders in the mission this week in rancagua. we set up the new goals, numbers, and plans for the mission. the best part seeing old friends and comps. plus it was nice to take a nap in the bus. i honestly haven’t taking a nap in 4 months.

this week should be pretty good for us. we are contacting a lot more and it is paying off. this week we are hoping to meet with a ton of new people. we are way excited. honestly the best part of the mission is finding and teaching someone new. we will see what happens but we have high hopes.

thanks everyone for your love and support. i know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior. i know that this church is the Chruch of Jesus Christ and that He is at the head of it. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is changing my life and i know that it can change yours. i love you all.

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