Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 3, 2016

"I know that God loves us."

holy cow!! this was the craziest week of my life and we only worked in the sector for 2 days...

so conference weekend is the best weekend in the mission. its even better than christmas and i’m being serious. this conference was really good too. i really liked the sunday morning session. it was hands down the best. i loved pres. uchtdor’s  talk about god is our Heavenly Father. i’m going to use this talk so much in the mission with the investigators. its was even better because the north americans in our zone are so sweet. so the english room was so much fun. the priesthood session ended at 11 o'clock here so there wasn’t buses that past by so we had to stay in the ZLs house for the night. a bunch of other sectors had to do the same. we were 9 people in the house so lets just say that it was a funny night. i’m going to miss this zone. but i’m serious  the conference was so good. i missed the scones from home. in one year though…

the other big news is that we changed houses. we spent all of wed packing up the house and then thursday the senior couple came with their van to move it all. it was a big ordeal. put it was fun. the house is super nice. it is brand new.

But i’m only going to have a few days in the house because this week we got the changes and i’m leaving. i’m going to a zone called San Fernando and the sector is called Centinela. and i’m not going to be enjoying the life as a district leader.... i’m going to be stressing the Zone Leader life. i’m kinda nervous. we are 22 people in the zone... it’s a big one. i’m going to be with an elder named elder Villavicencio from ecuador. he is a super cool kid. i met him a year ago and i liked him so we will see what happens. the only thing that i know about Centinela is that it is the most famous dog sector in the mission. like apparently there are a ton of dogs. and it is kinda ghetto. i’m excited. i'll keep you posted.
i love you all. i know that God loves us and that the church is true. have a good week ya’ll.


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