Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, March 27, 2017

"This church is true and I know that God loves us."

so this week was a big change. i’m not in centinela anymore. i’m in paine.

paine is a pretty good sector. its  out in the middle of nowhere but it is kinda a big town. our sector is really small because there are 6 missionaries in paine and each sector is tiny but its all good cause it will be big enough for 6 weeks.

my comp is pretty cool. his name is elder newell from Nampa idaho. he has 6 weeks in the mission. he is a really humble guy who really wants to learn so i got pretty lucky with a  good comp. it should be a good change.

and i’m also district leader. i have 4 hermanas latinas in my district plus a senior couple. all 4 of the hermanas have sooooo much energy. it was good to teach with them this week because they are so energetic.  it is going to be a good change with them.

so when i got here we were struggling with people to teach. we only had one investigator. so we spent basically everyday contacting. i have honestly never contacted so much in my mission in one week. but it was good. we found 3 new people and the coolest thing is we contacted someone from haiti. he doesn’t know any spanish, but he speaks perfect english. he said that when he was in haiti he was a tour guide to north americans and there he learned english. anyway he said that his brother got baptized 2 years ago in haiti and just got his mission call to serve in the dominican republic. he said that he didn’t know anything about the church and that he wanted to learn more. we taught him lesson one in english and ended up putting a baptismal date with him. and yesterday he went to church!!!! we are pretty excited. he is progressing well.

this week is general conference and i’m so excited. conference weekend is the best!!

hey, this church is true and i know that God loves us. Thanks for your love and support. talk to you soon.

elder mag

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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Church is True

first and foremost happy birthday to janelle and kristine. hope you guys have a good b-day and i love and miss you.
Elder Magnusson's sisters were born on the same day, 3 years apart.  
On their birthday this week they will 27 and 30 years old.  

hey so this week was a slower one but we were able to get a lot of good things done.

so our 9 yr. old investigator was baptized and it was soo good to see. i was able to do the baptism and it was really special cause i was able to see the whole progress of the family and i was there to complete it as well. the testimony of the mom was so good.i wish i could have recorded it because she talked a lot about the blessings that the gospel has brought  into their lives in the past 4 months. the only bad part was the water wasn’t super warm. so when she got into the water her face went from calm to fear so i had to talk her into doing it. for a second i thought she wasn’t  going to do it but it was a special moment when she came out of the water.

so we got changes and i’m going to a sector called Paine and it is in the northern most zone called Buin. i’m going to be district leader and i’m going to be finishing a missionaries training. i’m pretty excited. my comp is named elder newell and he is from idaho. i talked to him on the phone for about 5 min yesterday and he seems like a pretty cool kid. so my district is kinda different that usual because there are only hermanas in it. because there are only sisters that means i cant do interchanges with them and that is the best part about being district leader. but its all good. i’m still going to enjoy it. plus in my zone i have a ton of friends so it should be a good last change.

so i started saying goodbye to a bunch of people yesterday. it was sooooo hard. i have been working with them for 6 months and then just like that i had to say goodbye. it is honestly the worst part of the mission. there are days that are hard because  all of the lessons fall through and no one wants to talk to us but you don’t remember those days. but the days that you have to say goodbye are hard and you remember them. i’m going to finish the goodbyes today and then tomorrow i head up north early in the morning...

hey thanks for all of the love and ill see you guys in 6 short weeks. the church is true.

elder mag

Monday, March 13, 2017


so this week was a pretty good one. it was stressful but good.

so the biggest news this is that our investigator got baptized. it was such a good baptismal service. two other people got baptized and because of that there were a ton of people there. we had been teaching him for about 2 months and i saw a huge change in him... he has came a long way. To confirm to me that he was really ready was when he came out of the water he looked at me and with a big smile on his face he asked me "am i really clean?” when i told him yes he said, "oh good cause i feel clean". it was a real honor to baptize him. then on sunday he received the holy ghost by my my comp. it was a really nice blessing.

So our other investigator is going to get baptized this week. she is a 9 year old girl and the daughter of a family from the ward that we have been working with. the family had an interview with the branch president and put goals to go to the temple. we are super excited. anyway she already had her interview and passed so now we just have to finish one more lesson and we are good. one crazy thing about her is that she is super smart. she is the number one student in her school and it is a huge and good school. sometimes i feel like that she knows more about the doctrine of the church than us and that isn’t a joke. she knows so much. i just hope all goes well this week.

So yesterday i realized that it was more than likely my last sunday in centinela because next week we have district conference and then changes on tuesday. as i looked around the chapel i realized how much i have come to love the members. they are so good and they do so much to help us. when i have to say goodbye to them when i go there are going to be some hard goodbyes. when i got set apart to be a missionary and as i bore my testimony i said it was going to be hard to love the people here because i didn’t know them. i realize that was a pretty dumb comment. i have come to truly love the people here.

so next week ill write with the news about changes .  i’m pretty sure that i’m going. i have no idea where but we will see what happens.

i love you all and i will see you all soon.

elder mag

ps i have a ton of pics but i don’t want to send them because the computer place is pretty sketch and i don’t want to get a virus. i’m going to try to back them up on a pin drive and send them next week but no promises.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Baptism this Saturday

so this week flew by.... i cant even remember what really happened.

so the good news is that our investigator is going to get baptized this saturday!!!!  the bad thing is that he is going to be in santiago the whole week and he comes home saturday in the morning so we are going to have to have constant contact with him the whole week so that he is ok. statan likes to work on people the week before their baptism. we are way excited for him and we know that the Lord has really blessed him.

also we have been working a lot with a family in the ward and it has been paying off. they have been to church several times and they have a 9 year old girl and she wants to get baptized. they had an interview with the branch pres. and both he and we think that we need to baptize the girl. we have taught her everything except for tithing so we are doing pretty good. we have a date planned for the 17th. it should be good. they just have to come to church this sunday and we are good. the family loves me for my b-day they gave me a beautiful gift. i couldn’t believe it. especially because they aren’t the richest family on the planet. i felt super bad taking it but they said that they had it custom made and it was already too late. it made my day.

so this week was a really good week with my new comp. i really like him. he is a humble guy that has a lot of patience. he is going to be a great zone leader when he figures out what he is doing. i feel like we are teaching more with the spirit and we work pretty well together. I just feel bad because i feel like i’m not going to have enough time to teach him everything because we still have to do a bunch of interchanges with the zone.

this week we have a 4 hour training with president harris planned. the whole conference is going to be about how we can repent on the mission and how we can teach repentance better. i talk to other people that already had the training and they said that president was amazing. i’m pretty excited to hear what he has to say. one thing about pres. harris is that he knows soooooo much doctrine.

i love you guys and i cant wait to see you soon. it is going to be a glorious day. the church is true and God loves you.

elder mag