Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 27, 2017

"I love and miss you all"

wow so this week was not what i thought it was going to be like..... it was different that any i've experienced on the mission.

on thursday we got the call from president that we were going to have special changes. and that my comp was going to go. and that i was going to stay in my sector to train my new comp to be a new ZL. there were some things that were going on in the mission that we had to change and its just kinda what happened. so my new comp is named elder monja and he is also from peru. he has a year in the mission and he is a very good elder. so after all of the changes i had an interview with pres and he told me that i have 3 weeks to teach my comp the sector, the zone and how to be a zone leader. I asked him if there was another way to do it with more time and he told me no because he wants to send me  to another place before i go home so we will see what happens. so it looks like we are just going to have to “get her done”.

we have been seeing big blessings in the sector. Our investigator is progressing so well. he is basically ready for his baptism. we just have to wait so that he has one more week to go to church. i have seen a huge change in him and he is a big example to me. also a member brought a friend to church yesterday and the person stayed for all the meetings. after church we got her information and went by her house and ended up setting a baptism date with her. the Lord has been good to us. when i leave centinela i’m really going to miss it. i have learned a lot here and its going to be sad to say good bye to everyone.

so my b-day was kinda boring but its all good. because of the special changes the APs called us thursday night to tell us that we weren’t going to do interchanges. so we didn’t have much to do friday cause i canceled it all but it all worked out. we were able to get some solid contacts in and that made me happy. in the house we did a bbq and that was pretty fun.

thanks for everything. i love you all and miss you all. take care and just remember that the church is true.

elder mag

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Thanks for all the love"

So this week came and went and it was a harder one. i just kinda felt off my game but the last part was better than the first.

So the big news is about our two investigators. The first was doing great until he didn't show up to church....AHAHAHAH - i don't get why it is so hard for people to come to church. he is doing everything and he comes to church for one of two weeks and then he doesn't go for a week. if he went yesterday we would have baptized him this saturday or the next but he didn't go so now we have to wait. we just have to work with him a little bit more.

On the other hand our other investigator is progressing so well. He didn't go to church but we knew that he wasn't going to to go because he had to work but he doesn't have to work this next week so he should be going. we taught him the word of wisdom and law of chastity and he is totally willing to live them both. We should be seeing his baptism the 11th of march. we are pretty excited for him.

so this is my 4th change in the sector and i remember that when i was in Recreo for 5 changes the 4th was the hardest. i'm kinda having the same feelings. i love the branch but it is getting hard to push though the sector cause i feel like i have already contacted everywhere. we just kinda have to do it.

so this week its my B-day on friday and i was all excited because 3 different families invited me over to celebrate during the day. but that’s not going to be happening because i got a call from the APs on saturday. they told me that they they wanted both me and my comp to go up to rancagua on friday to do interchanges with them in their sector. i explained that it was my birthday and asked if we could do it another day... but i got shot down. the good thing that the families told me that we could do it all a different day so i'm still excited.

thanks for all the love. i cant wait to see you all soon. like honestly you all have no idea how excited i am to see you. but  we have to finish strong so, “no mas". take care and have a good week.

elder mag

Monday, February 13, 2017

"This week flew..."

so this week flew.... and i think its because we had something different almost each day.

On tuesday we had changes.... i have said it once and ill say it again. i hate dealing with changes. but this time it wasn’t too stressful. the only problem that we had was the zone leaders down south didn’t plan their changes too well and some elder got stuck alone down south. he was traveling to our zone so some how it became our problem and we had to figure out how to go get him. so we ended up sending and older couple to go get him. it wasn’t too bad and we finished way early which was nice.

on wednesday we did interchanges with a sector that just got whitewashed. my comp just came from the sector and so he was able to go and help them figure things out.

on thursday we had consejo. that is when all of the zone leaders and hermana leaders have a training with president Harris in rancagua. this time it was sooooooooo long. from 10:30 until 6 with 45 min for lunch. but it was good. we formed new goals and plans for the mission and talked about a lot of doctrine stuff. the president is happy with the improvements that we are making but he wants us to do it faster. we just have to do the small stuff. it ate up our whole day because then after we had to travel back to the house and stuff.

friday and saturday were pretty normal but on sunday we had to travel to chimbarongo to train the members on a open house that we are going to do in the chapel there. luckily it only ate up the morning but it was sad cause we weren’t able to go to all of our church. and we had a lot of investigators in church so we don’t know how it went with them 2nd and 3rd hour. we are going to check in with them this week.

so we have 2 people that are more than likely going to get baptized this change. Both are really progressing and the only big challenge that we see with them is them making time to listen to us. we are pretty excited for them and we just have to push forward to help them. ill give you more details about them later when i have more time.

so my new comp is pretty cool. he is from lima peru and he goes home the same day as me. we often wonder why president put 2 "dead" missionaries togethers and every time we joke about it we have to get refocused and back to work. we just got our flight plans so we have to stay extra focused this week. but he is a good guy and i’m really going to enjoy my change with him.

So I have never gotten sick in my whole mission. i have been super blessed when it has come to my health. but last night some elders in the house brought home a cake. well i think it was bad because the 3 of us that ate the cake spent the whole morning in the bathroom. it was a killer. i forgot how bad it is to get sick. but i feel a lot better now so we should be good to work tonight.

thanks for the love and support. i cant wait to see you guys in 11 short weeks.

elder mag

Monday, February 6, 2017

"I'm coming into my last 12 weeks....."

so the week has come and gone and there was some good activity in it.

so the big news is that we got changes and i’m staying in my sector! it is going to be my 4th change here in centinela so we will see how that goes. i kinda saw it coming though because on tuesday i had to go to rancagua to do some paperwork stuff so i can get my papers to go home. afterward we had to go to the mission home because the guy that i was doing all of the paperwork stuff with had an interview with president. then after i asked to talk to president about some things that were going on in the zone and in the interview he told me he was going to keep me in the sector and my comp was going to be headed out. but he told me that its going to be my last change as zone leader and that after he was going to send me somewhere else for my last area.  so i saw it coming.... turns out my current comp is going to be going to the office to be a secretario to the mission. my new comp is a current district leader in the zone. his name is elder estrella from peru. he is a good guy but i still think it is going to be an interesting change. it’s definitely going to be different. but i’m excited for the things that are going to happen.

so this week we were able to teach a young man and it was a super good lesson. we talked about baptism and he basically invited himself to be baptized. he seems super excited for him baptism. he came to english classes and to soccer this week and loved the two things. he couldn’t come to church yesterday because he had to work but we are going to teach him tomorrow. he is a super prepared guy and i’m excited to see the change that is going to happen with him. one of the biggest blessings that i have had in the mission is the changes that i have seen in the people and especially in myself. i know that these changes are possible only thought Jesus Christ.

  You can also see the video by clicking here.

so this next change is going to be and interesting one just for the people that we have in the zone. we are really going to have to work extra hard to keep the zone going. there are some interesting companionships and its going to be pretty crazy to see how everything turns out.

the mission is going good and i just cant believe it is coming to a close. i'm coming into my last 12 weeks and i know that i have to make the best of it. thanks everyone for your love and support and i cant wait to hear from you guys in a week.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Where's Elder Magnusson?

Here are some random pictures of Elder Magnusson that I have found.