Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 19, 2016

"If you are looking for happiness, real happiness, just talk to the missionaries. They can help you."

it was a pretty solid week and this is why....

so our investigator got baptized on saturday.... it was a pretty stressful baptism and it had to do with the clothes. it always has to do with the clothes...... what happened is he is a small kid and so we couldn’t find pants to fit him so we had an hermana in the branch make the pants. we called her friday night and she told us that the pants would be ready in the morning and she would stop by before the baptism to drop them off. well 20 min before the baptism she called us telling us that the pants weren’t done and that she didn’t have any elastic. she asked us if we could go to the store to buy elastic for her... AHHHHHHHH  WHY??? so we literally ran to a bunch of small mini markets asking if they had elastic and luckily we found one. we ran back to the church sweating our tails off 5 min after the baptism was supposed to start and luckily the hermana finished the pants as she was walking to the church. we put the elastic in and we were good to go. i love baptisms but still everything seems to go wrong the day of a baptism. but the good thing was the dad in the end decided to baptize his kid and it was really cool to see them both standing the the font together. it was a really special moment for both of them and for us.
another cool thing that happened this week was we contacted a man who has had a difficult past. we were doing some street contacts and we started talking to this guy who told us he wants to change his life. we started talking to him about the Atonement. it was a super solid contact. he told us his life story and it was super sad. he then started talking his troubles. i was fascinated in what he was telling us. it is such a crazy world. we ended up talking to him for about an hour and a half. we gave him our number and he said he was going to call us but he never did so we will see what happens this week.

i’m excited to talk to you guys this week. it is going to be pretty sweet. i think this has been the most excited i have been to talk to you guys in the mission. we have a lot to talk about.

love you all.... the gospel is true. if you are looking for happiness, real happiness, just talk to the missionaries. they can help you.

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