Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, September 12, 2016

"The Church is true and the mission is great."

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this was a big roller coster of a week.

so the whole week we were preparing our investigators for their baptism because we did the pre-baptismal  interview again just to be sure that they were good and they told us that they didn’t believe that pres. Monson is a profeta of God.......AHHHHHH WHATTTT. yeah well so you better believe that we started fasting asap and all worked out in the end cause they gained a testimony. fasting works.... my testimony of it has grown soooo much.

so saturday was the baptism. we had to chill out in the church the whole day because it takes 7 hours to fill up the font.  the service was really nice. really simple but you could feel the Spirit. i almost got baptized too cause victor is big and i almost couldn’t get him out of the water. i had to take a few steps to gain my balance... we laughed about it afterward cause it was obvious that i was struggling.

we now have 0 progressing investigators. i’m kinda getting frustrated but i just have to think that this is the Lord’s work and we just have to do our part and accept his timing. but its hard sometimes.

working in a trio is super fun. i wish that we could always work in a  trio.

so this week we are going to have a special conference from elder packer from the 70. it should be really good. we are pretty excited. we will see what happens.

and just fyi i might not be able to write in a week because it is going to be the day after independence day here and its going to be nuts. but i will be able to write on tuesday i’m sure.

thanks for the love and support. The Church is true and the mission is great. if someone wants to grow and develop as a person they just have to go on a mission.

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