Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Every week in the mission it keeps getting better and better"

Where's Waldo?  I mean, Where's Elder Magnusson?

every week in the mission it keeps getting better and better.

a lot of good things happened this week and we are going to start with some families that we found.

so we were contacting 2 weeks ago and we talked to a really nice mom with 4 little kids. it was just a normal contact and at the end she asked just in passing if we liked to play basketball. she said that she was planning on saving up money to buy a basketball for her kids for christmas. she didn’t really want anything so we ended the contact and as we were walking away we were thinking and we had an old ball in the house that no one was using. we stopped by the next day and gave it to her. she was really grateful for it. she then asked if we wanted to stop by this week. so we stopped by on friday and taught her and her family. they are super good. we had a lesson set up with them yesterday but they weren’t home so we are going to see what happens with them this week.

we found another family as we were contacting some apartment buildings that are super run down. we saw some lady outside of her house. my comp told me that he wanted to talk to her. in my mind i was thinking no way. you could tell that drugs had played a huge part in her life. she had a ton of tattoos all over her body and she just looked different. anyway we started talking to her and she was super good. she let us in and we listened to her life story basically she went off the wall and hit rock bottom. her 4 year old kid has cancer, her boy friend has cancer. her twin 8 month old daughters were born 2.5 months early and almost died. we had a really good lesson with them. we are going to go back soon to see what we can teach them. we  are excited.

yesterday we taught the family from haiti. it was an ok lesson. not everyone spoke spanish and i’m not sure how much they really understand. we will see what happens tomorrow with them.

on thrusday we had to go up to rancagua for a meeting. it is where all of the zone leaders and hermana leaders have the monthly meeting with president. he talked a lot about the good things we are doing but we still lack a lot. and he is concerned because 1/4 of the mission has 4 months or less in the mission. he talked about how he thinks bad rabbits are getting rubbed off them. we have a lot to do.

the funniest story of the trip up to rancagua is on the mission web page it said it was going to be in the mission home so we got there 15 min early and no one was there. we called president and he said it got changed to the mission office. the assistants never called us. so we had to fly over to the mission office which is literally on the other side of rancagua. its a good thing that i was in rancagua for 8 months because i know the public transportation like the back of my hand. we weren’t super late considering the situation.

we have to go to rancagua this week again as a zone cause we have the christmas conference. i’m excited for that.

thanks for your love and support. The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. have a good week.

elder mag

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