Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 31, 2016

"I know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior."

time is flying!!!! i just realized that in 2 weeks from now i’m going to have 4 changes left... that means 6 months. it’s crazy.

so sad news this week. our investigator  told us that he doesn’t want to get baptized. we went to his house on thrusday to make sure we were all good for his baptism and he basically said he didn’t want to keep the commandments.  whatever. we have done our part now he has do his. but it is so sad to see this happen. we are still going to work with him.

on a happy note we should have 3 baptism in 2 weeks. we have 3 investigators that are really progressing. 2 of them are siblings and the other is a 20 year old girl. we just have to teach them tithing and they are good to go. we have seen a huge change in them and they seem to be soaking it all in.

we had a huge capacitation with all of the zone leaders in the mission this week in rancagua. we set up the new goals, numbers, and plans for the mission. the best part seeing old friends and comps. plus it was nice to take a nap in the bus. i honestly haven’t taking a nap in 4 months.

this week should be pretty good for us. we are contacting a lot more and it is paying off. this week we are hoping to meet with a ton of new people. we are way excited. honestly the best part of the mission is finding and teaching someone new. we will see what happens but we have high hopes.

thanks everyone for your love and support. i know that God lives and Jesus Christ is our Savior. i know that this church is the Chruch of Jesus Christ and that He is at the head of it. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is changing my life and i know that it can change yours. i love you all.

elder mag

Monday, October 24, 2016

"I’m loving the mission and what I'm learning."

each week is so different but yet so good

so the big news this week was we had a huge mission meeting and president is making some huge changes. the mission is changing completely. there are some big changes but my favorite is a smaller change. president figured out that we as a mission aren’t doing too many street contacts. so everyday we have to contact 2 people in the street and talk about/give them a *book of mormon. it is something that i would sometimes do but now we have to do it and we have seen so many miracles come from it. we are now having some of the best contacts in my mission. i was thinking about it and when i got set apart i was blessed that i would see a lot of fruits and have a lot of happiness from talking to everyone at the end of my mission. i was thinking about that about 2 weeks ago. i was praying to know what i could do to see that happen and this was an answer to my prayer. lets see if some of these contacts turn into investigators. like i said it is something so small but it is going to change the mission.

we had a much better week with our investigators. this week we should see a baptism. he has been investigating for about a year now. we haven’t had to do to much but it will still be sweet to see him get baptized. also we are working with a family. the dad wants nothing to do with us and he doesn’t want to get married to his angel of a girlfriend..... so she can’t get baptized right now but the son and daughter are really progressing. the son was all into drugs, wine, and beer has gone a week without anything and is doing great. they went to church yesterday and loved it. also we are working with another family of 8. only 4 have interest but i know that the others will come along. they are wanting to get baptized in a month. i will keep you guys updated as time moves along.

this week i went on a interchange with a new elder from vegas. he has 3 weeks in the mission and he is honestly one of the funnest guys that i know. i have never laughed so hard in my life. one of my favorite part of the mission is all the people that i have met. it has honestly been the biggest blessing for me to get to know so many people and backgrounds.

i’m loving the mission and what ‘im learning.  the mission is great and it just keeps getting better. i wouldn’t trade it for the world. the church is true.

elder magnusson

*Elder Magnusson will be talking to a lot of people 
about the Book of Mormon in the upcoming weeks.  
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Monday, October 17, 2016

"The best part of the mission is the last 6 months."

Happy birthday mom!!! sorry i forgot to throw that in with the sisters last week.... i didn’t realize it was your birthday this week until i was sitting in a baptismal service and i looked at my watch and i saw it was the 15th. sorry. hahaha
this week everything seemed to happen.... at once

first off our investigators were doing really good this past weekend then this week everything started to slow down. it’s so sad when that happens. the saddest was we found out a women that was going to get baptized on the 29 looks like it’s not going to happen this month... my heart dropped because she was doing soooo well. so we have to start all over again with her. another family was going to get baptized in a month but we weren’t able to visit with them this week cause of their work and everything. another family was sick this whole week. its was a harder week as far as the investigators are concerned. its crazy how hard satan works on the family. but honestly it is a testimony that the church is true. satan really doesn’t want the people to progress.

plus none went to church this week cause on sunday we got dumped with rain. and i mean dumped!!!! and here in chile when it rains no one leaves the house. its crazy but it is just how things work down here. so we are going to make sure everyone goes next week. but i left all of my rain gear in LontuĂ© because i didn’t think we were going to get anymore rain. but i sure regret it. i got soaked with my comp. let me tell you when you get your underclothes wet you suffer... but it was honestly pretty funny. it makes for a good story.

this week as zone leader was pretty crazy. we had a lot of communication with the president this week because some missionaries had needs. i am learning that to be a good elder you have to have patience and love. my comp is a great example for me of these things he  is really good because he is known as one of the best elders in the mission. he seems to have it all. i have so much to learn from him.

i am loving the mission. everyone says that the best part of the mission is the last 6 months. i’m starting to see that come true. there is so much to learn and to do.  if it wasn’t for the family i wouldn’t want to come home. thanks for your love and support.

elder mag

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Monday, October 10, 2016

"I can feel your love and prayers."

Elder Magnusson is on the second row from the top, ninth from the left.  
 Elder Magnusson is third from the right on the back row.  

first and foremost shout out to renee and rachel!!! happy late birthday. i was totally going to write it last week but i forgot and when we were walking out of the computer place i remembered. my bad.

Elder Magnusson's birthday sisters

thank you all for the love and support! i’ve said it once and ill say it again. the hour that i have on the computer reading your letters is the best hour of the week.

so this week was the longest but shortest week of my life. so im in centinela. it is in the zone of san fernando. it is right smack in the middle of the mission. the sector is super good. it is really gehtto but everyone loves us so i don’t think anything is going to happen. we have 9 people preparing for baptism and they are all really strong. yesterday we had a family of 4 come to church and another guy came too. let’s just say that the sector is popping. this whole week we didn’t have to contact because we had too much stuff to do. i have never had that in the mission. this week we are going to have to make time to contact because everyone is going to get baptized and then we aren’t going to have anything to do.

the zone is really good too. it is a super young zone. out of the 22 people that are here 6 companionships are training or are just just coming out of their training and everyone is younger than me except for one other elder. it is nice because there is a ton of energy here in the zone. we just have to help them direct that energy to the work of the Lord.

My comp is super good. he is known as one of the best elders in the mission. his name is elder villavicencio. he is from equador and he has one change less than me. i love the kid. he teaches and works so well. i have so much to learn from him.

so this week all of the zone leaders had to go up to rancagua to visit with the president. we had a huge meeting with him about the faith of the mission  and how we need to do better. it was super good but we have so much to improve on as a mission. know on wednesday we have to give the same training to the zone. we are excited to do it. and we have the ability to change as a zone because we are young.

i can tell that i’m going to be learning a lot with the new things that we have to do but it is honestly really humbling. when all of the zone leaders were together i was thinking to myself that all of them were way better missionaries than me. i know that i just have to work hard and the Lord will do the rest.

thanks everyone for the love and support. i can feel your love and your prayers.

Monday, October 3, 2016

"I know that God loves us."

holy cow!! this was the craziest week of my life and we only worked in the sector for 2 days...

so conference weekend is the best weekend in the mission. its even better than christmas and i’m being serious. this conference was really good too. i really liked the sunday morning session. it was hands down the best. i loved pres. uchtdor’s  talk about god is our Heavenly Father. i’m going to use this talk so much in the mission with the investigators. its was even better because the north americans in our zone are so sweet. so the english room was so much fun. the priesthood session ended at 11 o'clock here so there wasn’t buses that past by so we had to stay in the ZLs house for the night. a bunch of other sectors had to do the same. we were 9 people in the house so lets just say that it was a funny night. i’m going to miss this zone. but i’m serious  the conference was so good. i missed the scones from home. in one year though…

the other big news is that we changed houses. we spent all of wed packing up the house and then thursday the senior couple came with their van to move it all. it was a big ordeal. put it was fun. the house is super nice. it is brand new.

But i’m only going to have a few days in the house because this week we got the changes and i’m leaving. i’m going to a zone called San Fernando and the sector is called Centinela. and i’m not going to be enjoying the life as a district leader.... i’m going to be stressing the Zone Leader life. i’m kinda nervous. we are 22 people in the zone... it’s a big one. i’m going to be with an elder named elder Villavicencio from ecuador. he is a super cool kid. i met him a year ago and i liked him so we will see what happens. the only thing that i know about Centinela is that it is the most famous dog sector in the mission. like apparently there are a ton of dogs. and it is kinda ghetto. i’m excited. i'll keep you posted.
i love you all. i know that God loves us and that the church is true. have a good week ya’ll.


elder mag

Elder Magnusson's favorite talk from General Conference:
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