Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 27, 2015

"We are planting seeds."

Family and Friends,

what a week. this one was better than others in the past. pretty solid if i could say so myself.

this week we only spent 3 days in our sector. we had district and zone meetings, splits, and we went to rancagua cause elder remon had his last check up before he gets all 4 wisdom teeth out. he gets them out on the 7th de aug. (Notice the language slip up?) it is going to be a rough couple of days for him. he doesn’t think it’s going to be that bad but, i know better.

splits were sooooo funny. i went out with elder loveridge who was voted the funniest elder for the mission hall of fame right before i came. he is honestly one of the funniest people i have ever met. he has no shame or fear. i hate contacting but contacting with him was so much fun. i hope one day we are companions because we became really close that day. it was nice to speak english for a whole day!!

i love zone and district meetings cause it is funny to see all the elders interact. it is amazing to me to know that the church is still standing after sending these elders out in the world. no, but really, there is a reason the Lord sends us out. it’s because we need to learn, but we have an energy that cannot be matched.

the food here is really good. every day we have rice with chicken and bread. everyday.  you would think that i would get sick of it but its is really good. sometimes they give us sunnyside up eggs. i put as much salt on those eggs as possible and mix it up really good with the rice because i hate eggs. somehow i manage to get it down.

i haven’t been homesick. many elders struggle with it, but i have been blessed. but i have been really homesick for my college life.  i miss the social life that i had. i think of school a lot. but then i have to remind myself that i am living a different life now and i better get used to it.

everyone here is catholic. because our message is about Jesus Christ, people don’t have a problem meeting with us for one time. we teach the first lesson ALOT, but people don’t want to hear more because they don’t want to change religions. but they like our message. i don’t really understand it. but it is good because we are planting seeds.

thank you all for your prayers. i love you all.

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