Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 13, 2015

"There is power in prayer."

Elder Magnusson and Elder Remon

this week was one roller coaster of a week!!!

last fast sunday the whole mission and all the stakes in the mission fasted for rain because we haven't had rain in forever. well we definitely got rain this week. it rained alllllll day for the whole week except for monday. it is hard to do missionary work in the rain because no one is walking around and when you go contacting no one wants to come out of their house to open up the gate for you (every house has a gate around it) but we still managed to have success.

one funny thing is the first day that it rained we came home and our apartment looked like the sidewalks at royal oaks..... worms everywhere. it brought me back to my childhood. it was kinda funny actually.

last week i cant believe i forgot to talk about the dogs here. THERE ARE DOGS EVERYWHERE!!!! i cant stress to you how many dogs there are. honestly at least 2 or 3 on every street and that is no joke. they are soooo nasty. and they love to chase bikes which is always fun... not. and they don't ever go for my comp. they only go for me. its like they can smell the whiteness of my skin and like it. i have tried to kick a few but have failed.

i love my comp. even tho there is a language barrier we still can communicate just fine. i am learning so much from him. he is so humble and he loves being a missionary. i always feel like i am holding him back but he doesn't express his frustrations at all which helps.

our 2 golden investigators weren't so golden this week but thats ok. we are working with them and have found others to teach.

we met chris on the bus and he invited us over for dinner. he has a girlfriend and they don't want to get married but other than that they seem super good. we set up a return appointment with them they weren't there so we have only met with them once.

the day that we were going to meet with them was the day that it rained the most. i was in a bad mood because he lives in the middle of nowhere and we had to walk there because we cant ride our bikes in the rain. it took forever and i was super wet. when chris wasn't there my comp was mad because he needed to use the bathroom. i told him to just go in the bushes because we are in the middle of a field. he laughed walked to chris' neighbors house and knocked it. the first thing that my comp said was.... hey we are missionaries and i need to use the bathroom. can i use yours and the guy let us in! i couldn't believe it. we ended up teaching him and his friend and they  are now investigators. both have trouble with smoking so we will see how that turns out. i asked my comp why he did that and he said that he had a good feeling about it. he is in tune with the spirit.

we are also teaching family of 4 who seem good. we have had 2 lessons with them that went super well and we are teaching them tomorrow so hopefully that goes well.

cool experience of the week. last monday my comp had to go to the doctor in rancagua. another missionary had to go as well so i went on splits with an elder who happened to be a zone leader. i worked all day with him and because rancagua is super far away i spent the night as well. we taught a lesson at 8:45 at night and at 9:10 we told the family we had to leave to be back home in time. they told us of a short cut to get home faster. when we went outside there was a supppper thick fog out. i have never seen anything like it. i couldn't see 7 feet in front of me. anyway we got lost and we were in a sketchy part of town. we were walking around for an hour. we had no idea where we were. it was scary because of the fog, the area where we were wasn't very safe and we were late. i suggested that we say a prayer. we said a prayer and when we finished the fog parted and we saw our house. i have no doubt that we were protected that night. there were angels looking over us. there is power in prayer. i know that to be true.

i love what i am doing and there is nothing i would rather be doing right now. thank you all for your prayers!!

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