Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 6, 2015

"I am not the same person...."

Elder Magnusson's new area is San Javier.  It is shown on the bottom of the map.  
Rancagua, where the mission home is located, is shown on the top of the map.  
family and friends,

what a week! this was my first week in the field and it has been crazy.

so i am in san javier which is super far south. it is a small branch of about 50 members. the members are awesome! they love the missionaries sooooo much. the treat us like kings. it is a pretty humble area. some parts are nicer than others but the poor parts are really poor. like dirt floors and houses made out of cardboard and scraps of wood. but these are the members that are the best.

our house is pretty nasty. it is all concrete with no tile and no heating so it is soooo cold in the morning and at night. i hate it so much. but we are only in there for studies, so it doesn’t matter too much. every missionary has an electric blanket so i sleep fine at night. our area is also a bike area. it is pretty large so the bikes are nice. the thing that isn’t so nice is riding in the cold. even with gloves your hands freeze!!! and don’t even get me started about my face. but i will survive. 

my comp is amazing. his name is elder remon and he is from peru. he is super humble therefore, he is a good missionary. he doesn’t know any english so it has made things interesting but we have gotten to the point where we can understand each other. he is a master at contacting. he is so smooth at it. he is so good that he can’t really teach me how because i don’t know the language.  he just picks some random thing on the street or in their house and just starts talking about it. it is hard to put into words but he is a master.  

we have 3 solid investigators and we are going to give 2 of them baptism dates this week so i will keep you posted. 

i honestly don’t understand a word anyone says to me. the language that i studied in the mtc is not the same language that they speak here. my comp, who is from peru, said it took him 3 or 4 weeks to fully understand the people because of the accent. he said it is one of the hardest to understand in south america.

i feel like i am lost. i don’t know how to describe it but it has been hard. i keep thinking back to lisa and when she talked about her first area on her mission and how she would be walking down the street and she would feel deaf. i didn’t know what she was talking about then, but now i understand. you hear noise all around you but you don’t understand it. you have to experience it to understand it. i have really been humbled this week. 

that being said i am doing really well. i am happy with my area because the members and my comp are amazing. i have waited my whole life to be a missionary and now i am one!! honestly there is no other place in the world  i would rather be than in san javier, chile. the church is true. i have met members that have sacrificed everything for it. the Book of Mormon is the word of God and i know that if a person reads it, it will change their life. i love my Savior. i owe Him so much. i am not the same person that left california 7 weeks ago and that is a good thing. i love you all!

Before the mission:  Sam holding his mission call
The new Elder Magnusson:  The day Sam arrived 
in Rancagua with Pres. and Sis. Warne

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