Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 20, 2015

"I love the Lord and I love this Gospel"

These pictures are part of a savenger hunt that our zone did for pday.

From what Elder Magnusson said about dogs last week
he is sporting a pretty big smile as he stooping next to this dog.  

writing is honestly the best part of the week!!  this was one roller coster of a week.... i feel like every week is, but this one especially.

we found 3 new people to teach in the beginning of the week but they aren't progressing. that is the most frustrating part of being a missionary. we have such a good gift to give to people and you know that they want/need to change but they don't know how much they need to change.

the person that is killing us the most is someone that we met contacting. we had 2 super good lessons where the spirit was there and everything. we gave him a baptismal date and everything. when we went to visit him on saturday, we saw him walking down the street. when he saw us, he ran into a mini-market. we we called out to him, but he wouldn't come. we literally have noooo idea what happened. he seemed to be golden. we are going to visit him tonight but i know he doesn't want to talk to us. its kinda like asking a girl out on a second date when you know that she doesn't want to go with you. hopefully things work out.

we are having a lot of success with a family that was baptized about 7 years ago but haven't been to church in 5 years. for the past 3 weeks we have visited them about every other day. they are doing a lot better and have come to church for the past 2 weeks. the boy that is 18 expressed some interest in serving a mission the other day. i love the this family.

my comp is super funny. all latino missionaries are supposed to learn english but he hasn't really cared in the past. i am trying to help him. its kinda fun. the only words he knew before i came were.... don't touch me, one moment please, and please shut up. don't touch me is his favorite line ever. we will be riding our bikes and he will randomly say, “dont touch me” and then start busting up!!! it happens all the time and it is the funniest thing ever!! he is the biggest goof ball ever. he comes from super humble circumstances. growing up, any money that he made, went to support the family. he honestly thinks that i am super rich because i have 2 pairs of nike running shoes and my 10 dollar watch from walmart has a light on it.

things are all good in chile for now. i love the Lord and i love this Gospel. i know that Christ lives and that he is at the head of this church. i know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son. the Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God written by inspired men for us. missionary work is super important and there is nothing i would rather be doing right now than serve a mission. this is my testimony. i love you all.

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