Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, August 1, 2016

"Another week full of miracles"

this was another week full of miracles... the Lord is so good to us missionaries.

first off: our investigator is going to get baptized this week... he is a funny dude. he is about 60 years old and has been a Jehovah Witness for 40 years. i will keep you updated on how it goes.

2nd off:  our 2 families are progressing!!!

the first family is kinda hard to find but we had a suppppperrrr sweet lesson with them and their family. the wife is a member but has been less active for a long time. but she wants to get married in the temple. she said it’s her only goal in this life. the husband isn’t really sure if he believes in God but he said that he is willing to do his part to find out. they have 3 teenage kids and one baby. they all want to know more. the only problem is like i said -- they are kinda hard to find but we have a lesson set up with them today. let’s pray that they are there.

the second family is soooooo gooooood. they are progressing so well. yesterday the wife went to church without here husband cause he had to work but he said that they both are going to go next week cause they want to bless their two kids. anyway the wife said that she liked church.  yesterday at night we stopped by their house and taught them both about the Book of Mormon. it was one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission. she had a baby die when she was 5 days old. we read Moroni 8 with them and they were so happy cause they thought that the baby was in hell cause they never baptized her. it was so nice to testify that they girl is saved. it was honestly such a good lesson.

i also went on a division with a kid in my district that has two week in the mission. he is from california and his spanish isn’t that great. it brought back soooo many memories from my first change. let’s just say that that was a hard change for me. we were able to talk a lot about the mission and i hope i was able to help him. he is such a good kid. it was just weird to think about the struggles of the mission life.

definitely the highlight of the week was picking cabbage with a part member family for 3 hours yesterday. it was so much fun. we went with them to a field and helped them out. it was nice to relax and joke around with them. they told me that they could tell that i was a “rich california city boy” kinda  funny.

overall it was a good week. i can’t complain. i know that God is leading this work. we are just the tools in his hands. i love the mission and i love this work. i never thought i would say this but i’m kinda nervous and scared to go home. i want to stay here for more than 2 years.

 i know that God loves us.

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