Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 25, 2016

"I'm changing. I'm grateful for that."

this week was a week full of miracles. i know that the Lord is behind this work.

the first thing that happened is that even though it was raining the whole week we still got a lot done. usually when there is rain nothing happens.

one day it was pouring rain and we had no idea what to do. so we said a prayer and i remembered a family that we talked to outside of their house about 4 weeks ago. we stopped by and had a great lesson with them. they only had about 15 min but it went really well. they invited us to go back to their house and we taught  them about the restoration. they really liked it and they now have dates to be baptized on the 27 of august. we have another lesson with them tomorrow and we are going to teach them about the plan of salvation because they told us at the end of the last lesson that they had a daughter who died when she only was one month old. they are really worried about what happened to her. we are excited. pray for us so all goes well with this family.

also, we got a reference from another sector for family that lives on the edge of our sector. we went by and talked to the mom out side of their house. she is a member but was baptized along time ago. her boyfriend and 3 of her kids aren't members. her boyfriend just proposed to her but she said that she wants to get married in the temple.  she said that we could stop by tonight and teach her and her family. we are super excited.

our investigator is still doing good. he still wants to get baptized in 2 weeks so we are excited. there isn’t to much to report on him.

another thing that happened was on tuesday night. i went to bed feeling kinda sick. i woke up at one in the morning with the biggest fever that i have had in a while. i woke my comp up and he gave me a priesthood blessing. he blessed me that i would have the strength and the energy to get though the next day. as he said that i thought to myself that there would be no way that i would be good enough to work the next day. well, it looks like the Lord blesses people with little faith cause i was able to get though the whole day. it was a huge blessing.

things are going well here in chile. i’m liking the work more and more everyday. its crazy to think that the Lord trusts such young stupid kids with something so important. i’m trying not to be a young stupid kid but its hard. but i can say that i’m changing. i’m grateful for that. i think that one of the greatest gifts that we have from God is the ability to change. i didn’t realize how important that was.

I love you all and i love this work. thanks for your love and support.

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