Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, August 15, 2016

"If you want to be a better person, go on a mission."

so today is some catholic holiday and because almost all of chile is catholic it is also a national holiday..... it has taken us all morning to find a computer place that is open. but miracles do happen so here we are. 

this week was good. the best news is that our investigators have received  their answer.... THEY WANT TO BE BAPTIZED. we  had a really good lesson with them yesterday and it came out during the lesson. we just have to finish teaching them everything and they have to leave tea behind for 2 weeks. we still have to teach tithing and that might be a problem for them but still we are pretty excited. we are thinking about the 3rd of september. so pray for them. the sad part is we have changes this week and i might be going. we will see. other than them we don’t have very many people progressing. so when we aren’t with them we spend a huge chunk of our time finding people to teach. 

the mission is going well. i’m really liking what i am learning right now. i feel like if a person wants to learn about how to be a better person in this world all he has to do is go on a mission. i feel like im growing up a lot but at the same time i still feel like im the same kid i was before the mission. ill let you guys be the judge in 10 months. 

sorry this isn’t a very long letter but whateves. 

love you guys. The Church is true

elder magnusson

the story of the plunger is kinda funny. we were without a toilet for 3 days last week.... (its a good thing we have keys to the church). anyway so we had to buy a plunger. we took the pic right outside of the church after interviews with president. literally as i have the plunger up to his head, president drives by in his car. he totally saw us. it was kinda funny.

 these  pics are us picking cabbage. 

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