Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, May 2, 2016

"The mission is sweet!"

thanks for the love everyone. i loved hearing about everyone's week.

Elder Magnusson's family gathered together this past week 
as they attended his Grandmother's funeral.

so this week started out really slow and bad but by the end we got things rolling.

so by the time friday rolled around we had only had one lesson. but it wasn’t because we weren’t trying. we legit had 5 lessons with members fall through and 3 others fall through. i have never been so frustrated in my whole life. we were literally trying so hard and EVERYTHING was falling through.  but the one good thing was the kid that we found last week went to english classes and mutual and he said that he really liked it. then on saturday we found a lot of new investigators. it was a miracle. the Lord really blessed us. the problem will be finding them again. but i have faith. anyway we had a suuupppperrrrr good lesson with investigator we found last week and he said that he was excited to go to church the next day but he said that he didn’t have any cloths. so we ran home and went through  all of the old cloths that missionaries left behind and hooked him up with some good cloths. the next day he went to church and the youth did a great job taking care of him. he said that he loved it. he is progressing really well.

then yesterday i ran into a guy that i talked to back in november and he said that he was praying to find us again. he said that he remembers me saying that we can bring happiness into his life. he is going through some hard things and he said that he wants to change his life. he started crying and he said that he feels good when we are with him so we set up an appointment with him today and we are going to teach him and his kid. we will see how it goes. we are pretty excited. maybe he is the reason i am still in this sector.

my comp is pretty cool. he is pretty shy but he is starting to open up with me. when we are alone he has no problems speaking spanish but when we start talking to people he freezes up. i feel bad for the kid cause i know how he feels. anyway i’m trying to help him with that and he is doing better. i really like him though. i couldn’t have asked for a better person to train.

i love my ward cause they play basketball every week instead of soccer. it is sooooo nice to play basketball. i’m going to miss it when i leave.

things are going well. i am learning so much now that i know (more or less) the language because now i can focus on other things. i’m really enjoying my time here. the mission is sweet!

love you all

elder mag

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  1. I just read like a month of Elder Mag's letters. What a wonderful missionary and I absolutely LOVE hearing all the stories. What an inspiration and it gets me excited to go on a mission with my hubby some day. Love you Elder Magnusson and thanks for sharing your mission with us!!