Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Thanks for your letters and love."

my new comp
all of the trainers

thank you everyone for your letters and love. i'm loving it.

so the big news this week is my new comp. his name is elder silva and he is from brazil. he is a good kid but he is just super shy and quite. but at least he is humble. i was praying for a humble comp because a lot of the new missionaries aren't too humble but he is excellent. his spanish is pretty good too. it is probably equivalent to a north american at 6 months and even in one week it has grown a lot. the only problem is that he cant really understand too much because the accent here is super strong. but we can still teach together pretty well. plus he is dying of the cold. it rained a lot this week and where he is from it is always hot so he is just trying to survive the weather.

so because of what happened last change with my comp, we didn't really work too hard in it for the last 3 or 4 week and we are paying the price for it right now. we spent most of the week contacting and i think that was a huge shock for my comp because he comes from one of the highest baptizing missions in the world and we are in one of the lowest here in south america. i think that has been pretty hard  for him because he didn't see that coming at all. i'm just trying to keep him motivated and he is doing a lot better.

i remember reading in dad's mission journal about a year before i left on the mission about the first time that he had to train or be with a younger comp (i can't remember). but anyway what he said was that in their sector they didn't have anyone to teach either and right before he left that day he got on his knees and poured out his heart asking for blessing that day. and that day they were filled with success.  well this week i have to say that was probably one of the hardest weeks i have had in this sector. literally we had 7 lesson with investigators fall though, members wouldn't let us in, people weren't home etc. by friday i had enough of that. i remembered dads journal and did the same thing and that day we were able to find a 15 year old kid and teach him about the plan of salvation and we put a date to get baptized as well. i know that it was a huge blessing from the Lord.

Our long time investigator is starting to die off. we had 3 lessons with him fall through and i am suuuuuper sad. it all started when we taught him about tithing.  i came to love that man and i hope that we can find and teach him this week. i just want to see him get baptized this week.

i still cant believe that i am still in this sector. i have been here for more than 6 months and there are moments when we are walking and i think holy cow i remember walking down this street my first day or i remember contacting that house 6 months ago etc it is a weird feeling.

i'm learning so much right now as a missionary. things are going pretty good and i can feel my self growing. i know that the church is true. i love you all.

elder mag

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