Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, May 30, 2016

Photo Jackpot!

Elder Magnusson figured out how to get his pictures off his virus laden camera card. Hence, all these pictures for you to enjoy! He didn't explain what any of the pictures were about.  I did figure that this first picture was taken at the baptism last week.  

this was a good slow week. we were still able to get some stuff done but it wasn’t overly crazy. 

but first off. i’m leaving Recreo! i never thought i would say those words cause i have been here for 7.5 months but its true. i’m going to a sector called lontue down south. there aren’t too many houses and the branch there only has 20 people. it is going to be different. basically it is a small farming town.  i’m going to be with a kid from mexico named elder bernal. and i’m going to be a District leader. it is going to be a lot of changes for me but i know that change is good. we will see how it goes. i don’t really know what to expect so i will keep you all posted. just pray for me because i have no idea what to teach for and hour and a half for my class in 2 days. 

it is so weird saying goodbye to everyone here in recreo. it is really hard. i have grown to love these people a lot as i have served beside them. the hardest goodbye that i had to do was to the young man we baptized last week. we have grown really close and it was sad to say goodbye. i’m really going to miss this sector. 

speaking of him, yesterday he was confirmed in Sacrament meeting by the bishop. the bishop gave him a great prayer and told him that he will be a great and faithful missionary in the future. he was so excited to hear that. he said that the only plan that he has in his life is to leave on a mission in 3 years when he turns 18. that was special for me to hear.  

 the theme of this week was meetings. we had a ton of meetings this week. it was namely because my comp is new so he had a bunch of trainings and stuff and plus we had our normal weekly meetings. let me tell you i am not a fan of sitting down listening to someone else talk. but whatev’es its part of the mission. 

i’m loving the mission. i’m grateful for the things that i’m learning and for the things that i’m going to learn. it is crazy to think back that i have grown so fast in such a little time (one year). and i’m grateful that i have a year to grow some more. i love this gospel and i love the happiness that it brings. 

thank you all for your love. 

elder magnusson

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