Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, May 23, 2016

One year mark.

first and foremost. i hate technology!!!!! i have soooo many pics but i cant send them. i talked to some tech guy and he said that i have a big virus on my card so we are going to see what happens. but i’m really sad right now.

Yeah so yesterday my investigator  got baptized!!! it was sooo sweet. he asked me if i could baptize him and that was a special moment for me. it has been amazing to watch the change that he has had in his life. literally a complete 180. and now his family is starting to change too. they all went to the baptism yesterday and they all loved it. they told us that they felt the spirit so strongly and that gave me hope that they are going to start investigating seriously soon. we couldn’t be more happy for him.

there was a week or two this change when we were finding like crazy. but we are starting to slow down again. this week we really need to focus on finding so we have more people to teach.

i am super famous here in this ward now. i have about 7 months now in this ward and all of the members are joking saying that i’m going to finish my mission in this ward. even the stake president in church yesterday asked me if i am the same elder that was here in november. it was pretty funny. but this week we find out our changes and i think this is my last week here in recreo. it is going to be really sad to leave but i am ready to get a new sector to help me progress. it will be interesting to see where i’m going to go.

this week i hit my year mark. i was weird to think that i have been here in chile for so long. this has been a year of a lot growth for me and i am so grateful for that. it is also really sad to think that i only have one year left. i am going to have to make the best of this year.

thank you all for your love and support.

Elder magnusson

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