Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, June 6, 2016

Elder Mag on the move

what a week. the first week of every change is always so long.

so i am here down south in a small little sector called lontue. it is straight campo (farming community). they only have one stoplight and i think that they only have it just to say that they have one. the people are a lot different than the people in my last sector. it is a lot more laid back. in my last sector when we contacted the people would talk to us for 25 seconds at the most. but here we have problems of cutting them off cause they talk so much. they are super nice but they really don’t want anything with us. they whole town is either mormon (less active) or evangĂ©lico( i don’t know how to say it in english).  it is just a weird change from my other sector.

the branch is really cool. it is super small. we had 25 people in church and that was a lot. normally there is only 20 so we did good yesterday. but the members love the elders. they would do anything for us. it is nice to feel their love.

we don’t live in lontue. we live in the big city and we have to take a 30 minute bus ride everyday to get to lontue. so we have to leave our bikes in the church everyday. basically the church is our second home. we are looking for a new house right now cause we are tired of traveling. we will see how things turn out.

my comp is pretty cool. he is from mexico but he speaks almost perfect english. he learned it in school and then he worked for an american calling company. he is chill and it should be an interesting change.

we are hoping to have 2 baptisms this change. 2 people progressed a lot this week so i hope all goes well with them. i will give you more details next week.

so my class went pretty good on wednesday. i talked about the little things that we have to do as missionaries. there are 6 of us in the district so it isn’t a huge responsibility but it is still good.

it is so weird to change sectors after being in recreo for so long. in recreo i was just going through the motions but now it is a little bit different. it is a good change. i can tell i’m really going to like this sector. i just have to get used to it all. but ohhh mannnnn winter hit me and it hit me hard. yesterday it was in the 30s at 8 oclock at night. and biking around it that weather killed me. i’m going to have to buy gloves today. hopefully i survive this winter. enjoy the heat in the USA.

thanks for everything. you guys are great. i’m loving the mission. everything is going better. i have high hopes for the next couple of months. the church is true.

PS can you guys send me some info in the election. i tired of hearing info from chilenos who have no idea of what they are talking about.

How can anyone sum up this past year about the election as you try to answer Sam's question?  

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