Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 13, 2017

"This week flew..."

so this week flew.... and i think its because we had something different almost each day.

On tuesday we had changes.... i have said it once and ill say it again. i hate dealing with changes. but this time it wasn’t too stressful. the only problem that we had was the zone leaders down south didn’t plan their changes too well and some elder got stuck alone down south. he was traveling to our zone so some how it became our problem and we had to figure out how to go get him. so we ended up sending and older couple to go get him. it wasn’t too bad and we finished way early which was nice.

on wednesday we did interchanges with a sector that just got whitewashed. my comp just came from the sector and so he was able to go and help them figure things out.

on thursday we had consejo. that is when all of the zone leaders and hermana leaders have a training with president Harris in rancagua. this time it was sooooooooo long. from 10:30 until 6 with 45 min for lunch. but it was good. we formed new goals and plans for the mission and talked about a lot of doctrine stuff. the president is happy with the improvements that we are making but he wants us to do it faster. we just have to do the small stuff. it ate up our whole day because then after we had to travel back to the house and stuff.

friday and saturday were pretty normal but on sunday we had to travel to chimbarongo to train the members on a open house that we are going to do in the chapel there. luckily it only ate up the morning but it was sad cause we weren’t able to go to all of our church. and we had a lot of investigators in church so we don’t know how it went with them 2nd and 3rd hour. we are going to check in with them this week.

so we have 2 people that are more than likely going to get baptized this change. Both are really progressing and the only big challenge that we see with them is them making time to listen to us. we are pretty excited for them and we just have to push forward to help them. ill give you more details about them later when i have more time.

so my new comp is pretty cool. he is from lima peru and he goes home the same day as me. we often wonder why president put 2 "dead" missionaries togethers and every time we joke about it we have to get refocused and back to work. we just got our flight plans so we have to stay extra focused this week. but he is a good guy and i’m really going to enjoy my change with him.

So I have never gotten sick in my whole mission. i have been super blessed when it has come to my health. but last night some elders in the house brought home a cake. well i think it was bad because the 3 of us that ate the cake spent the whole morning in the bathroom. it was a killer. i forgot how bad it is to get sick. but i feel a lot better now so we should be good to work tonight.

thanks for the love and support. i cant wait to see you guys in 11 short weeks.

elder mag

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