Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 6, 2017

"I'm coming into my last 12 weeks....."

so the week has come and gone and there was some good activity in it.

so the big news is that we got changes and i’m staying in my sector! it is going to be my 4th change here in centinela so we will see how that goes. i kinda saw it coming though because on tuesday i had to go to rancagua to do some paperwork stuff so i can get my papers to go home. afterward we had to go to the mission home because the guy that i was doing all of the paperwork stuff with had an interview with president. then after i asked to talk to president about some things that were going on in the zone and in the interview he told me he was going to keep me in the sector and my comp was going to be headed out. but he told me that its going to be my last change as zone leader and that after he was going to send me somewhere else for my last area.  so i saw it coming.... turns out my current comp is going to be going to the office to be a secretario to the mission. my new comp is a current district leader in the zone. his name is elder estrella from peru. he is a good guy but i still think it is going to be an interesting change. it’s definitely going to be different. but i’m excited for the things that are going to happen.

so this week we were able to teach a young man and it was a super good lesson. we talked about baptism and he basically invited himself to be baptized. he seems super excited for him baptism. he came to english classes and to soccer this week and loved the two things. he couldn’t come to church yesterday because he had to work but we are going to teach him tomorrow. he is a super prepared guy and i’m excited to see the change that is going to happen with him. one of the biggest blessings that i have had in the mission is the changes that i have seen in the people and especially in myself. i know that these changes are possible only thought Jesus Christ.

  You can also see the video by clicking here.

so this next change is going to be and interesting one just for the people that we have in the zone. we are really going to have to work extra hard to keep the zone going. there are some interesting companionships and its going to be pretty crazy to see how everything turns out.

the mission is going good and i just cant believe it is coming to a close. i'm coming into my last 12 weeks and i know that i have to make the best of it. thanks everyone for your love and support and i cant wait to hear from you guys in a week.

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