Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 27, 2017

"I love and miss you all"

wow so this week was not what i thought it was going to be like..... it was different that any i've experienced on the mission.

on thursday we got the call from president that we were going to have special changes. and that my comp was going to go. and that i was going to stay in my sector to train my new comp to be a new ZL. there were some things that were going on in the mission that we had to change and its just kinda what happened. so my new comp is named elder monja and he is also from peru. he has a year in the mission and he is a very good elder. so after all of the changes i had an interview with pres and he told me that i have 3 weeks to teach my comp the sector, the zone and how to be a zone leader. I asked him if there was another way to do it with more time and he told me no because he wants to send me  to another place before i go home so we will see what happens. so it looks like we are just going to have to “get her done”.

we have been seeing big blessings in the sector. Our investigator is progressing so well. he is basically ready for his baptism. we just have to wait so that he has one more week to go to church. i have seen a huge change in him and he is a big example to me. also a member brought a friend to church yesterday and the person stayed for all the meetings. after church we got her information and went by her house and ended up setting a baptism date with her. the Lord has been good to us. when i leave centinela i’m really going to miss it. i have learned a lot here and its going to be sad to say good bye to everyone.

so my b-day was kinda boring but its all good. because of the special changes the APs called us thursday night to tell us that we weren’t going to do interchanges. so we didn’t have much to do friday cause i canceled it all but it all worked out. we were able to get some solid contacts in and that made me happy. in the house we did a bbq and that was pretty fun.

thanks for everything. i love you all and miss you all. take care and just remember that the church is true.

elder mag

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