Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Thanks for all the love"

So this week came and went and it was a harder one. i just kinda felt off my game but the last part was better than the first.

So the big news is about our two investigators. The first was doing great until he didn't show up to church....AHAHAHAH - i don't get why it is so hard for people to come to church. he is doing everything and he comes to church for one of two weeks and then he doesn't go for a week. if he went yesterday we would have baptized him this saturday or the next but he didn't go so now we have to wait. we just have to work with him a little bit more.

On the other hand our other investigator is progressing so well. He didn't go to church but we knew that he wasn't going to to go because he had to work but he doesn't have to work this next week so he should be going. we taught him the word of wisdom and law of chastity and he is totally willing to live them both. We should be seeing his baptism the 11th of march. we are pretty excited for him.

so this is my 4th change in the sector and i remember that when i was in Recreo for 5 changes the 4th was the hardest. i'm kinda having the same feelings. i love the branch but it is getting hard to push though the sector cause i feel like i have already contacted everywhere. we just kinda have to do it.

so this week its my B-day on friday and i was all excited because 3 different families invited me over to celebrate during the day. but that’s not going to be happening because i got a call from the APs on saturday. they told me that they they wanted both me and my comp to go up to rancagua on friday to do interchanges with them in their sector. i explained that it was my birthday and asked if we could do it another day... but i got shot down. the good thing that the families told me that we could do it all a different day so i'm still excited.

thanks for all the love. i cant wait to see you all soon. like honestly you all have no idea how excited i am to see you. but  we have to finish strong so, “no mas". take care and have a good week.

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