Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, April 18, 2016

"I haven't seen so much rain in my life."

It looks like Elder Magnusson made it to McDonalds last week.  

this was probably the most random week that i have had in the mission.

so i have been chilling out with the zone leaders this week. they are super cool. one is from chile and the other is from arizona. we worked in their area pretty much the whole week except a day and a half we were able to swing by my area and make some visits. their area is the 2nd most dangerous area in the mission. the whole time i thought someone was going to come up and rob us. especially at night but, we were protected. it was good to get away from my area for a week and be with cool comps. it was also good to be with them because they are both really good teachers and i was able to learn a lot from them.

we were able to meet with my investigator 2 times this week because he was going to get baptized yesterday but we did the pre baptismal interview and he is having some doubts. i’m kind of frustrated because in the past he told us that he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and everything but now he isn’t sure. we just have to work harder with him. he is basically the only person that we have so i hope that we can help him.

You can also view the video by clicking here

this week we got dumped with rain. like literally, i haven’t seen so much rain in my life. luckily in san javier i found some rubber boots that go up to my knee.  i have been using them all week. and because the drainage system doesn’t work here they have saved my life. when we walk in the streets the water is half way to my shin. missionary work is always harder in the rain because no one is in the street and no one wants to talk to you as you contact. a common contact in the rain is: hey, we are missionaries and we want to come in and the people always say yeah but it is raining. i want to say yeah i know we have been in it for 3 hours and for that reason we want to come INSIDE. but what ever we have had a lot of opportunities to serve. yesterday we spent the day pushing cars out of rain and giving people piggy back rides across the street so they didn’t get their shoes wet.

so we got changes yesterday and IM GOING TO BE A TRAINER. so i’m going to be training here in recreo. i couldn’t be more excited.  i’m going to pick him up from the mission home tomorrow at 10 o’clock. we will see how it goes. i’m pretty nervous but i feel like i can do it with the Lord’s help.

the mission is amazing. it is completely different than what i thought it was going to be but, i wouldn’t trade it for anything. chile is an amazing country and i honestly love the people here. i love what i am doing and i know that this church is true.

elder mag

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