Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, April 11, 2016

"I've never been so excited for......"

my comp is the short one with glasses. he went home on saturday. 
the other 2 are the zone leaders. im going to be with them this week

this week was one of the craziest that i have had in the mission..

so first things first.... my companion went home yesterday cause of some problems that he was having with his family. we kinda saw it coming about a week and a half ago but this week it happened. the whole week we were in and out of the mission home trying to figure out all of the plans. so because of this we weren’t able to teach very much. we only had 3 lessons this week which i think might be my all time mission low but at least we had a reason.

the mission president didn’t have any spare missionaries that i could go with so he said that i could pick any companionship in the zone and go with them. i decided to go with the zone leaders because they are super chill. we live in the same complex so we took all of my stuff to their house easily. the only bad thing is there wasn’t room for my bed so we took my pad and i’m sleeping on the floor for a week.  we aren’t really going to work in my sector this week unless we have a lesson set up. all in all it has been pretty fun with them. i’m going to have a blast this week.

so it looks like i’m going to stay in Recreo one more change. when all is said and done i’m going to have 7.5 months here.  we find out the changes this week.

i can really feel myself changing. i’m not the same person that left california 11 months ago. i think that this is the most i have grown in one year. it’s crazy to think that the Lord trusts young men like me to do such a great work. it is just now hitting me how important my job really is. i love what i am doing.

sorry this is kinda short but i gotta go because we are going to take a bus to eat at McDonalds. 
i have never been so excited for McDonalds in my life.
love you all! thanks for your prayers.

elder mag

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