Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, January 9, 2017

"Thanks everyone for the letters and love."

Elder Magnusson is with his zone.  He is in the very back middle in the dark green shirt.  

thanks everyone for the letters and love.

so this week was a pretty slow week. nothing too crazy.

the coolest thing was we found a guy that was super prepared this week. like honestly he is one of the most prepared guys i have ever met. we were just contacting and we knocked on a guys house and started talking to him.  he invited us into his house when we tried to present him with a Book of Mormon. he got really excited and he told us that someone gave him a book in 2002 and he reads it everyday. he told us that he believes it is true and he wants to learn more. so we taught him the restoration and he said that he wants to study it out for a week and then he wants to meet with us again. so we have a lesson with him  tomorrow and we are hoping that all goes well. so pray for him tonight.

we also had zone conference. we had to train the zone on a better way to teach lesson one. it was a good training. a lot of people said that they liked it. we also have to prepare for a training that we have to give to the zone tomorrow about how to teach about baptism in a more effective way. i’m kinda excited to give it. it should go well.

other than that this week was really slow. we just had our normal lessons.... nothing too special.

love you all.... talk to you soon.

Elder Magnusson talks about handing out a Book of Mormon.  
Watch the video below to find out what the Book of Mormon is.  
You can also see the video by clicking here.  

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