Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, January 30, 2017


first things first..... happy birthday lisa. hope you have a good day this week. cant wait to see you.
Elder Magnusson and his sister, Lisa

this week was pretty solid. we taught a ton this week which was nice. alot of people started progressing and we found some solid people.

we found some guy this week... he said that we contacted his house about 2 months ago but he was in the shower and by the time he got to the door we were already walking away. he saw the hermanas walking in the street and asked them if they could send us by. we just have had one lesson with him but it was super super solid. he is really prepared. he reminds me of our other investigator  (who went to church yesterday!) we were going to invite hime to get baptized but right when we were going to bring it up he got a call from his boss saying that he had to go work but he committed to go to church. we went by his house to pick him up on sunday but he wasn’t there. at 12:30 we got called by him 6 times but we couldn’t answer because we were in church. we called him back and he apologized and said that he got called in again last second. but we have a lesson set up with him on tuesday. we are way excited.

we had a worldwide missionary training this week. elder Oaks, Anderson and Bednar were part of it. they talked about how we can teach the doctrine of Christ better. it was way good. the craziest part was at the end they announced our new daily schedule. basically there is no set hour to study. we just have to use our judgement and study at the least productive hour. it’s wired and i’m not sure if i like it but we just have to get used to it.

so the biggest news in chile right now are the fires. there are a bunch of arsons setting fires all over the country. it has gotten out of control. many people have died and thousands of houses have burned. chile doesn’t have the man power to stop them so they are asking help from other countries. the states have sent over some planes and stuff. the city where i am at hasn’t gotten effected at all but there are several parts of the mission that have gotten some pretty heavy damage. it has  made contacting a lot easier thought. all you have to do is just bring up the fires and you got the person talking for 10 minutes. its kinda funny.

things are going good. but we get changes this week and i think like i’m getting changed and i’m going to be a normal missionary. it is really rare that an elder finishes as ZL so we will see what happens on saturday.

Thanks for your love and support. I love you all.

You can also see the video by clicking here.  

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