Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, January 23, 2017

100 days left in the mission

so this week came and went. the days are passing pretty slow but the weeks are flying. its crazy to think that i hit my 20 month mark this week. it was kinda sad to think about.

so big news our investigator got baptized!!! she is a grandma lady who is super funny. she loves to talk. it was soooo hard to teach her just cause she wouldn’t stop talking sometimes but, she did it. she has been investigating for almost a year and recently she really became interested. she said that some of the last lessons that we had with her really touched her and she felt like she needed to be clean from all of her sins. the baptism was really special. when she came out of the water she started crying and you could tell she was really touched. it was a sweet moment to see. if i have learned one thing here in chile it is that the atonement really does work. i am grateful for my Savior and what he has done for me.

we are trying to find new investigators. we are teaching a lot of people but no one can progress because they aren’t married. AHHHHHHHH. people don’t get married here and it kills me. its because the government gives them a boatload of money to be "single parents".  so the point is we are contacting a lot. and we have had some luck. we have seen the hand of the Lord in our sector.

so it is really hot here.... like really hot. i load up on sunscreen and still burn but whatever there isn’t much you can do. but our house is 3 stories. but really 2 because we live above an office building. anyway our beds are on the top floor and at night we would just roast. before we would take cold showers right before getting into bed and just not dry off and that would work for about an hour and then we would wake up from the heat. but then we figured out that the mattresses fit out on our balcony. so we have been sleeping out under the stars for the past week and it is sooooo much better. but i have figured out the heat is better than the cold. doing missionary work in the winter is way harder.

so today was a pretty good p-day. we found some guy that has a frisbee team here in san fernando. they invited 6 of us to play and they were super good but we held our own. i LOVE ultimate frisbee. i miss it soo much. then we played dodgeball with the zone and then soccer. i can just feel myself getting sore right now. i’m going to regret it tomorrow but it was way fun.

thing are going good right now. i’m just realizing how much time i have left..... (100 days today) i just have to make it count. love you all. thanks for your love and support. the church is true.

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