Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, July 18, 2016

"I love the work"

Elder Magnusson and his last companion.  

what a week!! it was the first week of the change and the first week is always crazy but i feel like this one was even more loca.

so first off my comp is pretty cool. his name is elder rodriguez and he is from mexico. he is super humble, and he likes to work hard. but he is super shy and quiet. i haven’t had a shy comp in a long time so it has been an adjustment. but this should be a good change.

our investigator is doing good. he is going to get baptized on the 6th of august. we have already taught him everything so it is hard to teach him cause every time we try to review something he gets frustrated. plus he is kinda deaf and it is harder for him to understand gringos. let’s just say that our lessons are kinda interesting. but at least he is ready. he just has to go to church a few more times and he is good.

this week i had to go up to rancagua on thursday because all of the district leaders in the mission had a meeting with the new president.  it was a really good meeting. this new president is on top of everything. he is super good. we talked about all the things that we have to do as district leaders. nothing was really new stuff but we could feel the love that he has for the work. our zone is going to have another meeting with him tomorrow. it should go well.

another thing about the meeting is we got stuck in rancagua on friday after the meeting because here in chile they are on winter break and everyone was traveling. we were in the bus station for the whole day and we were never able to catch a bus. the big bus station in rancagua is in my old sector of recreo so i called the assistants to the pres and they gave me permission to visit camilo and his family. ( he is the teen that i baptized my last change). so i showed up at his door without calling him. he answered the door and just stared at me in shock for about 3 seconds and then he started screaming. he invited us in and it turns out that his mom just got baptized last week!!! when we found the family she didn’t want anything to do with us. about 2 weeks before i left she started listening to us more but now she is doing great. i was so happy. it was the highlight of my week. plus 2 other people that my comp and i found contacting my last week there are also probably going to get baptized soon. i was happy to hear that.

this week i’m going to be doing another baptismal interview for some investigator of the hermanas. i’m pretty excited to do another one. ill let you know how it goes next week.

all in all, even though it was a crazy week, it was good. i love the work and i love what i’m doing. the church is true. have a good week everyone.

elder mag

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