Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, June 13, 2016

"Things are going well down south."

hey ya’ll.   it was slower week but i think that this is going to be normal in this sector. it is just a slower chiller sector.

so in a week from today we are going to have a baptism. we are working really hard to finish up all of her lessons. i didn’t find her but it has been cool to see her progress even in the 2 weeks that i have here.  she wants to get baptized on monday because it’s her birthday and it is a representation of a new birth for her. her boyfriend is going to do it and i think we just have to speak at the service. i hope all goes well this week. i know that satan is going to work extra hard on her this week so pray for her.
This video explains why we are baptized through the eyes of children
You can also see the video by clicking here

like i said earlier the sector is slower. in recreo it seemed like everything was going really fast because we were literally in the heart of rancagua but here it is just a small farming town and every one is older than 50. we don’t teach a whole lot but it is what it is. we do have 3 people progressing really well but that’s all.

the branch is doing well. it is progressing. we had 32 people in church yesterday and it was the first time that we had more than 30 people in church in a year or so. everyone was really happy about that. i am also the first north american that has been in the sector in over a year so everyone was asking if we could do english classes. it went really well and we had 4 investigators there so it was a success. we are going to keep doing it.

this week as district leader was super chill. i didn’t have to teach cause the zone leaders taught. but this week i have to teach and i think i’m going to talk about the importance of the book of mormon and the members in teaching about it. i still got to plan it but it should go ok. this week i went on divisions 2 times and that went pretty good. nothing too crazy. i got lucky cause i have a chill district. i was blessed.

it is soooooo cold here. it was in the 30s everyday this week when we were in the sector. i need to buy a bigger jacket or something because i’m not going to survive the next couple of months. its even worse because we are out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country.

this week was good. things are going well down south. thanks for your love and support. i couldn’t be out here if it wasn’t for you guys. the church is true.

elder mag

ps. i will try to take pics this week

pss. we might not have time to write next monday but i will try to write tuesday or something.

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