Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 29, 2016

What really matters on the mission is....

this week flew by...... the mission is really starting to pick up. it is amazing how fast things are going.

we were only able to teach our investigator one time this week and it was a family home evening with someone in the ward. the reason is because he has been really sick. he wasn’t able to go to church yesterday either so we are really going to help him this week to progress. we were able to put another baptismal date this week with him. we have it planned for the 10th  of april. it is so far in advanced because we want to make sure that he really has left tea behind. this date gives him time to get rid of it completely.

we found a new family this week. we weren’t able to teach them but we have a lesson set up with them tonight. from what we were able to hear from the dad at the door is his wife wants nothing to do with us, but him and his 15 year old son want to listen to us. we are pretty exited to teach them. we will see how it goes. we invited the son to play basketball with us and he came. i think he had a good time. ( that is what my comp said cause i wasn’t there.... the zone leaders wanted to do divisions the night that we play basketball.)

speaking of divisions when the zone leader  and i were walking back to the apartment we saw a guy cooking and selling meat sandwiches. so we decided to buy some. but we were idiots and didn’t ask what type of meat it was until after we ate it. turns out we ate pig stomach sandwiches. they were super good but still i don’t know if i would buy it again just cause it is to risky. but i’m not going to lie... i’m going to miss being able to buy really cheap food on street corners when i go back to the states.
Since Elder Magnusson wasn't able to upload his pictures this week, 
I thought I'd add this picture of these pigs.  
You can think of Elder Magnusson eating his pig stomach sandwich

one thing that i’m learning here on the mission is that numbers really don’t mean anything. when i got my mission call to go to south america, i thought i would be baptizing every single week. but that doesn’t happen in this mission. the average number of baptisms that a missionary gets in his mission here is 4.5. what really matters in the 2 years that i am here in the mission is that i work hard, love the Lord, that i am obedient, and that i love the people. i am trying to improve in everyone of these aspects cause i want to have even more respect in the eyes of the Lord.

thanks everyone for your love and for the birthday wishes. my birthday went well. a family had us over for a family night and they bought me a cake. some elders came to my apartment in the night and we had cake and ice cream so everything turned out ok.

i know that this church is true. i love you all

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