Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 1, 2016

"The mission is sweet and is changing my life"

happy birthday to my big sister, lisa!!! hope you have a good day today!! i miss you!
so the big news this week is that i got a new comp and he is sweeeeeetttttt! his name is elder conger and he is from colorado. but he is a complete farm boy. his family has a bunch of land and this is the first time in his life that he has ever lived in the city. he has a year in the mission but during that time he has only had sectors in the middle of nowhere. he says that the city is really weird. anyway he is way cool. he loves to work which is nice. he is also a big guy... like 6 foot 4 inches and about 215 lbs. we get a lot of comments from people in the street that we look really big together.  that was really funny. anyway the point is, i’m super excited for this change. we are going to do a lot of good things together. 

we worked hard this week and contacted like crazy. we have a lot of good potential. we are hoping that we can find them again but we were definitely blessed. the sector is doing better than any other time (at least while i have been here) 

the sad thing is we had 5 investigators tell us that they were going to come to church and no one came. that is probably the hardest thing as a missionary. i hate it when people don’t come to church. the people can’t progress if they don’t go to church. we are going to improve this next week. 

so i guess lately i have been talking in my sleep in spanish a lot. elder troncoso would always complain that i woke him up cause i was talking in my sleep. i guess last night i was teaching a lesson about the sabbath day. my comp said that he was listening for about 5 min before he woke me up. but he said that it was a good lesson. apparently i used some scripture references. 

 i don’t know if i have written this but i love the ward that i’m in cause we play basketball every week. now the people that go aren’t as good as people in the states but they can still play. it is so much fun because it is soooooo much better than playing soccer and it is also fun to have elder conger here because he is really good. this past week we had 21 people there to play. we were happy because they are starting to like basketball more and more. it’s the best part of this ward.

I know that this church is true and that the only way to be truly happy is by living its concepts. the mission is sweet and i promise that it will change your life cause it is changing mine. i know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and i love Him so much. i love the mission. i honestly don’t want to come home. i love you guys. thanks for the support.  

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  1. Funny about him teaching a lesson in his sleep!!! 😂