Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, February 22, 2016

"I wouldn't trade my mission for anything."

this was a pretty normal week. nothing too special.

our investigator isn’t doing super bad but he isn’t too hot either. basically he hasn’t been able to give up tea. when we first taught it to him he told us that he would be able to do it with out any problems but that has turned out to be false. we are going to have to make up a program to get him off of it and move his baptismal date back. we will see what happens. he is golden in every other way so we can’t complain.

we did a special fast as a zone to find more people and to help the people that we do have progress. it payed off cause as we were fasting we found a new family and another guy. with both families we only spent 20 minutes in their house because they were both leaving but we have appointments with them this week. we are pretty excited. i haven’t really found any good families in this sector so i’m pretty excited. we have a lot of potential this week. the power of fasting is real.

speaking of fasting, i remember dad talking about fasting in the mission in the summer and talking about how hard it was. i now truly understand..... nothing more needs to be said.

i haven’t really talked about the less actives that we are working with but we have a few less actives that are progressing soooooo well. when i first came to this sector we found 2 less actives that wanted nothing to do with us. they are friends that live together in the same apartment. but they aren’t dating. its kinda weird but whateves. anyway now they are coming to church and reading and praying. there has been a huge change in them. it has been so cool to watch their change. it has only strengthened my testimony about the blessing that the gospel brings.

my comp is still sweet. i have been with him for a month and we have never fought. now that i think about it, we haven’t even had a disagreement. that is pretty cool. i’m going to miss him when we get separated.

the mission is going good. i’m loving it right now. it is so rewarding. there are hard days but there are days that make it all worth it. i wouldn’t trade it for anything. i love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes. everyone asked me what i was going to do on my birthday and all i know is that we have a video training from Elder Bednar so that is pretty sweet. i don’t know what else we are going to do. (and yes lisa it is normal to crack and egg on someones head on their birthday... i’m going to have to keep my eyes open)

the gospel is true. love you all

elder magnusson

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