Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, September 21, 2015

Please pass the empanadas.

first of all the earthquake....... to tell you the truth i didn’t feel anything.... kinda dumb i know, but what ever. when it hit we were on our bikes so i think this is the reason why i didn’t feel it. everyone else in  our city felt it though. but there is no damage down here. i think as a whole, the mission is pretty good. the most northern parts had some damage but nothing terrible. nothing more to report really.

IM STAYING IN SAN JAVIER!!! i honestly couldn’t be more happy. when i found out i was going nuts. our 4 solid investigators are doing pretty good. one is super solid. she is soooo prepared. we gave her the book of mormon a week and a half ago and she is already in 2nd nephi. she changed her work schedule to not work on sunday and she is super interested. i couldn’t be more happy. the other family is doing ok. i think the dad is starting to lose interest but is totally supportive of the mom and son investigating and they are doing great. their progress is pretty good. we will see how they turn out.

this week was supppppper slow. it was the week of the 18th and this is their independence day. to them it is the equivalent as christmas. every time we would contact someone they would come to the door and before we could open our mouths they would say, oh sorry we have family over and i have no time. , to which we would respond, oh sweet. our message is perfect for families! since your family is all there we would love to share it with you.... they would then slam the door in our faces. we didn’t get into a single house this week and this is the first time in my mission that that has happened.

the branch activity was pretty sweet. it lasted all day from 9 in the morning till 8 at night. we got permission to stay the whole time which was awesome. some member gave us cowboy outfits which were pretty sweet. all in all the day was pretty sweet and full of a ton of food.

the next day we went to 4 different members houses to eat empanadas. i have never eaten so much.  each member would give us 3 or 4 huge ones. they were super good but at the last sisters house i couldn’t finish all 3. i think that she was a little offended cause she spent all day making them. at least i had more that my comp. he could only eat 1 while i ate 2.

drunks, girls,  and dogs continue to be a problem. that is all that i have to say on the matter.

pretty solid week with our investigators. i’m happy with their progress. i hope that they keep on pushing through. i am happy to be here on the mission. the mission is sweet. i know that this gospel is true. thank you for your prayers.

A little side note from Elder Magnusson to his mom:  i have so many pics but i cant figure out how to upload them. elder edwards cant do it either. dont worry i am taking pics. i will figure out something soon.

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