Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, September 7, 2015

"I love this Gospel."

family and friends,

holy cow. what a week!

this week was a crazy but good one. elder edwards and i only worked together in our sector together for 2 days. there was a lot going on. we had zone conference, divisions, a meeting in the mission home that took 2 days and p-day. but it was a productive week.

the big news of the week is we have a suppppper solid investigator. she is a single mother who is looking for religion in her life. she has gone to a lot of other churches looking for the truth. two weeks ago she talked to one of her classmates about her situation. turns out her classmate was mormon and invited her to go to church with him. she took an hour long bus ride to go to his ward and she really liked it. she said that she felt the spirit really strong. the elders got her address and gave it to us. we taught her 2 lessons this week and she likes our messages. she came to church yesterday and we think that she likes our branch. everyone was super nice to her. there is a good chance that we could have a baptism in 3 weeks. problem is changes are in 2 weeks and there is a really high chance that i will get changed but whatever, the important thing is that she gets baptized.

the last 3 weeks we have done a lot of contacting. i have talked to some crazy people. i’m having experiences that i thought i would never have. that being said, the majority of the people here are super nice. they are always willing to talk to us. i know that once i learn spanish i am going to really enjoy contacting because of everyone that we get to talk to.

there was a conference in the mission home for all the new district leaders in the mission this weeks and because my comp is a new district leader he had to go. because we are the farthest sector from the mission home it is quite a day to get up there. we have to take a bus for 5 or 6 hours. but i like it cause it is the only time that we are allowed to take a nap. we went up a night before the conference and stayed with the assistants. there were about 12 other elders that stayed with them as well cause their house is huge. almost all of them spoke english so it was like a huge party that night. it was soooo much fun.

this whole week it has been pretty hot. like 80s and 90s hot and then today it rained out of nowhere. we played soccer today in some of the hardest rain i have ever seen. we played on turf so the drainage system isn’t very good so there was a good inch of water on the field. we were literally drenched after 5 mins. but it was fun. it was one of the best p-days.

things are going great down south with me. i am learning so much and i am learning new things everyday. i love this gospel. i know that it is true.

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