Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, September 14, 2015

"I know there is power in the Book of Mormon."

this week was as interesting as usual.

big news of the week is we found a solid family!!! all of them have a baptism dates for the 17th of oct. they were a reference of someone in the branch and they are golden. when we taught them about the restoration, the spirit was there. the only other time that i have felt it so strong was when i got my  patriarchal blessing. when i was bearing my testimony i started to tear up with the dad and the son and the mom started crying. it was amazing. i am so happy for them. we have a lesson with them tonight so i hope that things go just as well.

 our other golden investigator is still doing really well. as in we taught her the word of wisdom and she was all over it. she loves the fact that God would give us this law to help us. tonight we have a lesson with her about the plan of salvation so i hope that that goes well. there isnt a doubt in my mind that she will get baptized on oct 10th.

we get transfer calls this week and i am hoping with all my might that i stay to see these people progress. if not i know the Lord has another plan for me.

this week besides these people not much happened. just a lot of contacting. we did find a women who has a masters in english literature and has better english than me so we were able to teach her in english. it was soooooooo easy. i could say what ever i want. also the spirit was there in that lesson as well. when we asked her to pray about Joseph Smith she said that she wouldn’t cause she knows that she would get a good answer and she doesn’t want to make changes in her life yet. AHHHHHH!!!! but she says that anytime she is home we could come back and teach her so hopefully she turns out.

this morning for p-day our zone woke up at 5 in the morning and rented a bus to go to the beach. it was pretty fun to go cause everyone is so funny when they are around each other but it was a little sad knowing that i couldnt get wet but whatever it was still the best p-day that i have had. it was just a long 2 hour bus ride in a bus that shouldn’t even be street legal cause of how old it is.

i havent been homesick at all in my mission until this week. with byu football starting, byu idaho starting up again, and dad’s release it was hard to focus in the first part of this week but i just needed to focus more in the people and everything else fell into place.

Elder Magnusson's nieces and nephew sent this text to their Grandpa Sunday morning:
"Thinking of GRANDpa today"

Elder Magnusson's sisters visiting from Utah 
(Janelle and Dave and kids <from Idaho> couldn't make it)

Elder Falabella and Elder Sabin came to release Pres. Magnusson

The New Arcadia Stake Presidency
Pres. Terrill, with counselors, Pres. Yen and Pres. Ogilvie

things are going well down here. there is a lot going on in our area and things are improving. i know that this gospel is true and that God is a God of miracles. i know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and i know that there is power in the Book of Mormon. i love being a missionary.

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