Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, April 10, 2017

"I know that The Church is true and that Christ lives."

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so to be honest, this week was a pretty low key week.

the biggest things that happened was we found two super sweet families.  the first family is a less active family that just moved from santiago. they have a lot of energy to come back but they realize that they need to make some changes. they said that they are willing to do it though. we have been with them twice and the both times we had amazing visits.

the other family that we found was a non member family. they are reference from a lady in the branch and they are a young couple as well. they really want to listen to us because a couple of years ago their 3 month old baby died. they basically told us that they haven’t had peace in their lives since. we watched the church’s new video, Prince of Peace, and we had a super good visit with them as we introduced the Plan of Salvation. the best part of the lesson was when a friend of theirs (who was also listening) told them that their child died as a punishment. we were then able to testify to them that that wasn’t true. that God would never do that as a punishment and that they would one day have the chance to raise their son. the spirit was so strong in that moment. we have a lesson with them on tuesday and so we are way excited for this week.

You can also see the video by clicking here

so this week the weather dropped. it got a lot colder. but one of the funniest things about Chile is how dramatic the people are about the weather. like it is cold but its not worth it to wear a sweater because its still hot during the day. so we just suffer a little bit for about an hour at night but its not even that big of a deal. but the people look at  and talk to us like we are crazy. it is honestly the funniest thing ever. its kinda hard to describe over email but if you were here you would get it.

so thanks for the love and support. things are going well and i’m super sad that the mission is ending. but it is what it is. i know that The Church is true and that Christ lives. Thanks for everything and ill see ya’lls soon.

elder mag

Elder Magnusson introduced the Plan of Salvation to the family who's baby died  .

You can also see the video by clicking here

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