Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Conference Weekend

Elder Magnusson with the missionaries in the Buin District as they watched General Conference
so this week came and went and here we are on another monday.

so the highlight of the week was conference weekend. we had to travel to Buin to listen to conference in the stake center. because it was so far we weren’t able to bring any investigators which is a bummer because there were soooo many good talks. but it is what it is. the funnest part was the english room. they always dedicate a room to the gringos to watch conference in english.  it was pretty crazy. we were only about 15 gringos in the english room but it was still a party. we all ate ourselves sick. we couldn’t eat during conference but between sessions we stuffed ourselves. good times. 

so this week was kinda a slower week in the Lord´s work. we are still looking for people to teach. we only have about 2 or 3 progressing people and so we just spend a lot of time talking to anyone and everyone. i’m kinda sick of going house to house and so we have been doing more street contacts and we have seen and met some good people. i feel like my contacting skills have really improved over the past 6 months which is a shame since i go home in a month. but i guess that means that i just have to go all out for 30 more days. 

my comp is really cool and i really like being with him. he is an example to me. i look up to his trust in the Lord. i couldn’t have asked for a better companion to end my mission with. 

one thing that i am really learning about in the last part of my mission is about the Atonement. and this weekend it was all hit home to me. i now know that the Atonement is the most important thing to have ever happened in the history of the universe. i may not understand HOW it happened but i do know WHY it happened and that it DID happen. the Spirt testified that to me several times this past weekend and i’m grateful for that. 

so when we were taking a taxi back to Paine last night we were driving on the freeway and i was in the front seat trying to contact the driver. we were driving right into the sunset and we were passing some super pretty fields. it all hit me in that moment. in 30 days all of this is going to be taken away from me. the people and beautiful Chile. what i have loved for 2 years was right in front of me in that moment and it killed me to think about. i guess i just have to make the most of it. 

thanks for the love and support and i’ll be seeing you guys soon.

elder mag 

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