Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, March 14, 2016

"This was a week full of miracles."

things are going smooth down here.

this was a week full of miracles. first off our investigator was having trouble giving up tea. we were getting worried that he wasn’t going to do it so we retaught the word of wisdom to him again.  we could tell that he didn’t understand it cause he didn’t want to understand it. basically we told him that to gain a testimony you are going to have to have faith and you are going to have to live it. it clicked in his head right then and there. he said the closing prayer and pleaded with heavenly father to give him the strength to give up tea. we passed by his house 3 days later and he said that he didn’t drink tea in  those 3 days. and he said that he felt better. we were so happy. we area going to pass by tomorrow to see how things are going with him. 
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this week we also found a family from haiti. it is kinda random how we found them. we are working with a less active guy. we went there for a lesson with him on wed. and he said that a family is renting a room in his house and they want to learn about God. Sweet we were pretty happy. turns out that they have 3 kids and one on the way but the 3 kids live back haiti. they came here to chile 12 days ago and they are looking for work. they literally have no money and they are super humble. they don’t speak much spanish and its kinda hard to teach them but they have a lot of potential. the first lesson was kinda rough cause they couldn’t really understand us very well but for the second lesson we printed off the lesson 1 pamphlet in creole (their native language) and so they could read and follow along. we are really excited for them. 

yesterday we had stake conference and it was a transmission for all of chile. elder nelson, and some other general authorities spoke. did you know that elder nelson knows spanish?? it isn’t that great but he gave his talk in spanish. just a little fun fact for y’alls. it was really good. our investigator and the guy from haiti went. they both said that they liked it. the wife from haiti was going to go but she woke up sick from her pregnancy. i hope she can come to church next sunday. 
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so my new comp is pretty good. he is older. he is 24 years old and is going to finish the mission in 3 months. he is a pretty cool guy and he has a really cool story about his conversion. things are going good.
the church is true. i love you all. thanks for your support

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