Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, March 28, 2016

Keep the commandments

Elder Magnusson is in the back row, third from the right.
It looks like their zone is having fun bowling on their day off.  

i’m sorry to hear the news about grandma harris. tell her that i love her and that she is in my prayers. 

this week was kinda lame.  it was the week leading up to Easter and no one wanted to talk to us. (it is called semana santa) plus chile had a huge soccer game so that didn’t help the matter plus my comp was sick so we ended up staying inside for a day. the good thing is that winter is on its way. i’m so excited. i hate the heat as a missionary. but i must say that the heat is better than rain and we are going to be getting a lot of rain this year. all i want is the cold and i will be happy.

basically the big news is our long time investigator again. we were going to move his baptismal date up one week but he isn’t ready. so we are going to have a baptism in 2 weeks. on the 10th. basically the only thing that we need to teach him is about tithing and we think that he is going to accept it pretty easily. there isn’t much to say about him. he is progressing pretty well. yesterday he came to church in a suit cause he "wanted to fit in". it was just funny the way that he said it. its just not the same in english.

the family from haiti is starting to die off. we taught them 3 times this week about the importance of baptism and the priesthood but they just don’t want to accept it. we have tried everything to help them understand but it’s getting harder. we are going to try some new tactics this week but if it doesn’t work out i don’t know what we are going to do.

my comp is pretty funny. he is a short and stocky elder from chile. i’m going to miss him when he goes home. at first this change was pretty hard but our relationship has grown.

my testimony has grown so much in the mission about the commandments. if we just live the commandments that Dios (God) has given us we will be happy. it is as simple as that. there are so many people that try to make it so much more complicated and they are the ones that aren’t happy. so please, just keep the commandments. i have been thinking about that a lot his week.

the church is true. i love you all
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