Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 14, 2015

Love those photos!

Laundry time
 After a hard day's work
 You've got to love his smile! 
 This is a picture of Sam's dog bite.  I had to censor the picture before posting it onto the blog because it was on his upper thigh.  We need to thank his companion for saving his life by kicking the dog away before he ate Elder Magnusson alive!   

all is well down here in the south. i’m just just drowning in my own sweat. but its all good. i’m surviving.

So nothing really exciting happened this week. but we do have some good news. 2 weeks ago we found a girl that was golden. she was visiting her boyfriend for the weekend because she is from santiago. we had a super good 2 hour lesson with her and all went well. she was really prepared. i didn’t write about her because i thought i would never see her again, but it turns out that she moved into her boyfriends house this weekend. this is really good and bad. We have a chance to teach her but she needs to get married and not co-living right now. but hey, we will work with it.

one of our investigators we are working with  is doing ok. we had 2 lessons with him this week and they went well. he was out of town yesterday so he couldn’t come to church but we are going to keep working with him.

our investigator couple is doing well. we were able to see them this week and still everything is going good for their baptism on the 17th. they didn’t go to church this week though cause they were out of town.

This weekend we had a chance to sing in a missionary-member choir. it was made up of 12 missionaries and 15 members. we have been practicing for about 2 weeks and this sunday we went to a plaza and sang. there were a ton a people watching us and we think that we got a lot of references from it. we will see what happens.

so this week we got transfer calls. so i’m staying in my sector and my comp is going to another part of rancagua. the comp that i am getting is from chile (santiago). i’m going to be his last comp. he goes home in 6 weeks. we will see how this change goes.  he is a good missionary. so this means that i have at least 3 more months in this sector which isn’t a bad thing because things are getting better. we have a lot of potential.

the mission is going well. i’m happy to be here. i am learning more and more everyday. thank you for all of your love.  sorry i don’t have more to write about but that is what happens when you contact all day. the church is true.

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