Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas week

this week was probably the craziest week of my mission. with that being said, we really didn’t get anything done. we literally had 4 lessons with investigators. that is a record low on my mission. but, it was still a really good week. 

one of the days this week my comp had a fever. i think i might have given it to him. when he came with me i had a cough and a sore throat. anyway i thought it would be nice to stay in the house but it was super boring. there isn’t really anything to do in the house, but whatever. i did take the first nap of my mission. it was only for an hour but it was still nice. all in all it is definitely better to be out in the streets contacting. 

because it was the week of christmas, it was super hard to find people. everyone either had family over or were out of town. it was really frustrating but that is how it goes. we ended up doing a lot of service. we helped a family dig up their yard to plant grass. i ended up getting blisters on my hands from using the pickax. let me tell you that blisters on the hands hurt a lot...just fyi. it was nice to help the people. this week is going to be the same cause the new year is just as big or even bigger than christmas. 

for christmas eve we had a huge dinner and a family home evening with a family in the ward. i literally haven’t eaten so much in my life. i honestly thought i was going to throw up. it was good to relax and laugh with the family. 

and it was good to talk to the family christmas day. the hour flew by. i didn’t think i was going to go that fast. i thought i was going to be more trunky after the call but it didn’t really effect me which i am happy about. 

thanks for all of your love and support. i love you all so much. 

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