Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, November 23, 2015

This week was pretty normal.

This week was pretty normal. nothing too special.

so, because we have basically no one to teach we did a fast this week. let me tell you that fasting in the mission is killer especially in the summer. i thought i was going to die of thirst at the end of it. but we survived. and we are hoping that it pays off. we found some good people at the end of this week. we are hoping that they progress.

here is the story of one of those people. we were walking to a lesson with a less active when we past a man sitting out side of his house. we past him but he called out to us asking if we wanted something to drink. he invited us into his house and said that when we turned the corner onto his street he literally saw a light surrounding us. he said that he had to talk to us. he said that his daughter joined the church 3 years ago and he sees the same light whenever he sees us. he told us that he wanted to know what it was. we started to talk to him a little more and it turns out he is divorced and his mom just died as soon as he started talking to us about this he started to cry. he reached over and got a bottle of vodka and before we could stop him he took a huge swig. we both felt the spirit leave the room. i have never felt it leave that fast. it was like someone has literally turned off a switch. he told us the only way to deal with his problems is to drink. within 3 minutes he was gone. he wasn’t the same. we ended up leaving promising we would come back. but in that moment i realized why we don’t drink. it literally drives away the spirit. we are going to go back this week when he isn’t drunk cause he is good.

there isn’t a whole lot to write about. we are spending most of our time contacting and with less actives. i’m getting so much better at contacting. i don’t really mind it anymore. at first i hatted it but now it is just normal. plus with my comp my spanish is getting so much better. i no longer struggle with grammar. my grammar is pretty good. the only thing that is hard right now is my accent and vocabulary. but i know that it will improve with time.

a lot of you guys have been asking me a lot of questions that i’m going to answer cause there isn’t really much to write about.

1. the food here is really good.  a lot of rice  eggs and meat but it is different than the states. i don’t know why it is different but it is. we have salads at every meal but i haven’t had salad dressing once. its because they put a ton of lemon juice and vinegar on the lettuce. its going to  be weird to have ranch again. plus i’m starting to like eggs. i can now eat them with out anything on them. i still have trouble with hard boiled eggs but i am getting to like them.

2. i thought coming to the city would mean that there wouldn’t be any dogs. but that is false. there are still a ton and they still want to attack us. this week i kicked 3 dogs that tried to bit me. if i escape the mission without getting bitten it will be a miracle.

3. in this sector we have a walmart... well kind of. it is a store that walmart bought out and so they carry a lot of great value products. it is nice to have cereal and stuff from the states. but it is a little more on the expensive side so we have to be smart.

4. there are places everywhere with computers to write you all. they are pretty cheap but sometime they are really slow. i have pictures to send but this place that i am at is really sketch so i’m not going to send them cause i don’t want to mess up my camera.

not much info. next week i'm hoping to write that we found more people to teach. have a good week everyone.

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