Santiago, Chile Temple

Santiago, Chile Temple
Santiago, Chile Temple

Monday, October 12, 2015

"One can't describe the life of a missionary."

first things first.... right when i signed off last week i forgot to give a shout out to my big sis rachel so happy late birthday. i honestly remembered but things happen.
and happy birthday to mom on the 15th. hope it is a good day. remember the birthday present i gave you a year ago? i broke my finger on that day. i cant believe it was a year ago.

next thing.  the baptism this sunday was super good. Our investigator was baptized by her friend that introduced her to the church. it was a really good meeting and all went really smooth except for he was 15 min late but it’s all good. every thing in chile is late so we just kept the tradition going. i must say though i don’t like not starting on time. but ah well. i don’t know what else to tell you about it. it was just a solid service. the best part was seeing the smile on her face the whole night. i know she is happy right now.

we found a new guy to teach. we have taught him twice this week and he is really interested. we gave him a baptismal date for the 7th of nov so hopefully things work out. he didn’t come to church yesterday which isn’t good. we have a lesson with him today so we will see what happened. BUT our other investigators came to church today which is sweeeeeet. it was testimony meeting.  i think that they really liked it.

this week i gave a blessing to a guy who has eye cancer and other health problems. (See James 5:14-15i have known him for the whole time that i have been in the mission field so i am pretty close to him. he asked me to give the blessing. it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. it was 100% guided by the Spirit cause i am not even joking-my spanish was perfect during the blessing. after it was all over we were both crying. it is an experience that i will never forget. the Spirit is real.

this was a pretty good week. i am happy for the experiences that i am having here. i know that they are changing my life. that being said, transfers are coming on the 31st and i kind of want to leave just so i can progress more. i feel like i have stopped progressing here in san javier and i would learn more in another sector. but i happy to be serving the Lord and building His kingdom. one can’t describe the life of a missionary but it is a good life. things are going good down south.

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  1. Amazing story about the blessing. I agree, spirit is real, and this is just the beginning of your opportunities to share it with others in great need. How wonderful!